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ColdFusion Hosting

ColdFusion Hosting

What is ColdFusion? 

Adobe ColdFusion is a commercial development platform for creating modern web-based applications that interact with back-end databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Built on Java and using the Apache Tomcat J2EE container, this platform is designed to be expressive and powerful, allowing you to perform programming tasks at a very high level and giving integration with functionality important to web applications such as database access and PDF form creation.

Why Hyve for ColdFusion hosting?

Many companies offering ColdFusion hosting are operated by website developers instead of specialist server infrastructure engineers. Development companies are often unsure of the correct way to configure and maintain a server fit for a production environment.

At Hyve, with over 15 years’ experience in running and supporting ColdFusion, we employ highly-trained, specialist server infrastructure teams backed up by expert ColdFusion developers offering performance tuning and optimisation of your platform.

Whether you have a single server or multi-server load-balanced solution, our hosting offering provides a fully managed, professional, robust and reliable service to run your ColdFusion applications on.

Hosted on our enterprise-grade cloud platform, we ensure that your ColdFusion website runs at peak performance at all times and our expert support team are always on hand to respond to any kind of request, including full migration setup and configuration support, plus management available up to the application layer.

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Single-tenant hardware, dedicated to your organisation.

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The fastest, most reliable dedicated servers in the industry.

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Multi-tenant cloud with added security and monitoring.

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