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Changing your hosting can be a hard decision

Fed up with unpredictable pricing? Frustrated-by non existent support? Whether you want more redundancy, faster speeds, more flexible resources or much better support, Hyve has an enterprise solution that will give you peace of mind. Find out why people like the NHS, TK Maxx, Carluccio’s, Southampton FC and more all chose Hyve.

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The Big Vendor Lock In

Legacy IT companies like Oracle and IBM make users so dependent on products/services that they won’t be able to ditch them further along the line. So, what are the potential pitfalls? Our ‘don’t get locked in’ checklist makes sure that you’ve got an exit plan in place.

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What Is Cloud Hosting?

Everyone in business is chatting about cloud hosting. But even today lots of people are confused about what it actually is, what the use cases are and what issues and challenges businesses face when moving into the cloud. Let’s start at the beginning...

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