We’re market leaders in managed colocation services.

Over 18 locations worldwide

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Colocation Hosting Services

We’re market leaders in managed colocation services.

You can house your entire IT infrastructure in our secure data centres – it’s as simple as renting the rack space and installing your own hardware.

We offer colocation for small amounts of rack space, to multiple units. You can also customize your solution by choosing managed or unmanaged colocation, and varying amounts of bandwidth.

We have colocation services across the UK, Europe, and the US. Working with leading telecoms and data centre providers, we have a resilient network with Tier 3 data centres, flexible contracts, and solid SLAs.

We take security very seriously. Our DC locations are monitored 24/7 by a dedicated facilities management team. Everything is monitored – from security access, to the power supply in each suite. All colocation is backed by a 100% network up-time guarantee, due to multiple redundant peering partners.


Quarter/half or full racks available in Global Switch London 2 or Sentrum Woking

Up to 32 amps

Up to 10KW per rack

Full management available

1000Mbps Internet Access Ports A and B feeds available from many providers

Network Engineering Resources available

HSRP Failover server enclosures

Data centre connectivity – via a vast number of carriers and Hyve’s inter-site network

Design and consultancy services

Integrated active server enclosures

Managed hardware solutions


Manned facilities 24/7

Remote power management

Remote/smart hands

Asset management; labelling equipment and managing the asset database

Cable patching and management of the network infrastructure

Various transport offering between facilities including wavelengths and fibre channel

Flexible power solutions

Flexible commercial models – cost per kW/amp

Cold aisle containment solutions

Tier III & List-X facilities

IP connectivity through multiple networks and service providers

Diversely routed dark fibre network connecting our data centres

Managed 10 Gig Ethernet

Fibre channel (for synchronous real time replication or asynchronous replication)

IP and layer 2 services

Frequently Asked Questions

With colocation we house your IT infrastructure for you. You rent the rack space from us, and you put your own hardware in the DC.

The hardware in the DC is your responsibility to maintain and upgrade, as is the software that you’re running. We’re responsible for power, cooling and remote hands in the data centre. (We can offer managed colocation at extra cost.)

We provide the physical rack equipment, but you provide the physical hardware to put in it.

As you are providing the hardware and will arrange your own software licensing etc, you only pay for the power, bandwidth and rack space that you use.

Because you have complete control of the hardware, the responsibility falls to you. We will help as much as we can with any issues.

There are no restrictions on the software you can install on your server. It is your machine to do with as you please. The only restrictions are those that are outlined in the T&Cs.

Glossary Of Terms

Service where you can rent space to house your own IT infrastructure.

The level of traffic and amount of data that can be transferred between your site, users and the Internet. We give users a 500 GB per month limit (this is a guideline).

Parallel redundancy, a primary system with a redundant system (+1).

N+2 redundancy is 2 independent backup systems, in addition to the primary system.

Where your servers are stored in the data centre.

A private, enclosed area with a metal locking door within a suite at a data centre.

A physical two-factor entry system for entering the data centre. This usually includes an access card, electronic fingerprint scan and retina scans.

Staff that are available at the data centre for carrying out tasks under specific instructions. Useful for emergency situations.

The underlying software of a computer system (Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX etc) used to run other programs and applications.

Hardware or software security device that controls incoming and outgoing network activity. You can set rules and protect networks from unauthorised access.

Where all servers, racks and suites are held in an ultra secure location.

When servers are working and ‘up’. It’s a term that is a guarantee that your site will be available for a certain percentage of time.

When your servers aren’t working and are ‘down’. This is strongly avoided and used as a measure of overall performance.

A contract between a customer and a service provider that defines the level of service that is guaranteed by the service provider.

Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.