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Cloud for Blockchain Technologies

Purpose-built infrastructure for your needs. Maintain verified cryptographic records with ultra-secure cloud infrastructure and 100% network up-time.

Powering your blockchain business

In the past few years, the adoption of blockchain has grown to serve a variety of use cases, ranging far beyond just cryptocurrency and financial systems. From medical data to supply chain information related to critical goods, the world is rapidly accelerating its transition to blockchain technology.

Millions of businesses use blockchain technology because of its secure, decentralised, and transparent nature. Using blockchain and cloud in tandem can further revolutionise industries.

Global footprint to facilitate growth icon

Global footprint to facilitate growth

Applications built on blockchain technology can benefit from a globally distributed cloud infrastructure network. Our ever-expanding global reach, fueled by longstanding partnerships with industry-leading data centre providers such as Equinix and Telehouse, allows us to facilitate growth for our customers. We have a truly global presence, with data centres in 35 countries currently, and the ability to deploy anywhere in the world within 14 days.

Powerful computing at your fingertips icon

Powerful computing at your fingertips

Have the confidence that your cloud solution can handle your most intensive Blockchain workloads. With our bespoke cloud solutions, such as our Bare Metal Servers, you can fully customise your architecture to fit your computing and processing needs. Work with us to procure the right hardware for the job, including your CPU, cache, RAM and much more.

Always available icon

Always available

We provide industry-leading server uptime guarantee thanks to our ‘no single point of failure’ platform design, which ensures 99.999% cloud server uptime. This means your blockchain trades, customer records and customer payments go uninterrupted.

How Blockchain businesses can benefit from our cloud solutions


Cost-effective solutions

Work with us to build you a bespoke solution to meet your blockchain application requirements as well as your budget. Our cost-effective and transparent pricing means that your costs are predictable even when scaling to meet spikes in traffic.

Global connectivitiy

Global reach

With over 140 server locations across the world, we can make sure you are always close to your users, guaranteeing high performance and low latency ensuring your customers get the price they expect when trading. Our network of global data centres can also ensure that you can comply with local data sovereignty regulations.


Compliance and regulation proof

Our services have been rigorously audited to ensure they meet FCA requirements and adhere to NIS regulations. This means you can be confident that your data is protected.


Dedicated environment

With our Managed Private Cloud solutions we can host your platform on our single-tenant infrastructure, allowing you to fully customise your hardware including processing power, cache size and RAM.


Always available and our 20-minute SLA

All of our solutions guarantee high availability, eliminating single points of failure to ensure blockchain trades, customer records and payments go uninterrupted. We also provide a 20-minute hardware replacement SLA giving you peace of mind that if any issues with your infrastructure, these will be resolved swiftly.


Securing your platform

Protect cryptography data including blockchain trades, customer data and payment card information, with our ultra-secure hosting solutions. Hosting your platform in our PCI DSS-certified data centres offers the peace of mind that your financial data is safe and available to authorised users at all times.

Custom-built blockchain hosting with Hyve:

  • Fully bespoke blockchain solutions
  • ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus & GDPR compliant solutions
  • Enjoy best-in-class technology for unparalleled performance
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery experts
  • Maximum flexibility and the best price/performance ratio
  • Easily scale to any number of users without having to acquire, provision or operate physical hardware
  • Cost effective
  • Dedicated servers and hardware customisation

Cloud solutions tailored to your needs

Our managed cloud hosting is the ideal choice for blockchain companies seeking a tailored and scalable solution. Developed by experts, our cloud hosting platform provides enhanced security and precise alignment with your specific requirements.

We prioritise customer service with 24/7/365 support, providing a seamless extension of your team for dedicated assistance whenever necessary.

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Managed Private Cloud

Managed Private Cloud

All the benefits of cloud technology, with the increased security and control of dedicated hardware.

Managed Enterprise Cloud

Managed Enterprise Cloud

Enjoy the ease of scale and cost savings of cloud technology, but with added security and monitoring.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Managed Dedicated Servers

Keep your sensitive data secure while achieving maximum performance on our dedicated servers.

Lean on our blockchain hosting experts

Our experts can help you to overcome unique challenges around your blockchain technology stack and cloud infrastructure, leading to improved levels of service and reduced costs.

With powerful computing infrastructure and expert management, we help to increase productivity, drive innovation and ultimately grow your blockchain business.

block chain use case
Use case

Streamline operations on our secure and reliable infrastructure

A leading cryptocurrency trading platform came to Hyve with platform-specific hardware requirements, to allow for around-the-clock high-speed transactions and minimise trade times. After migrating to Hyve's dedicated server offering initially in Dublin, within just five months, they have expanded their footprint and deployed into a further three global locations.

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Managed Private Cloud

All the benefits of cloud technology, with the increased security and control of dedicated hardware.

Discover Dedicated Servers
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Dedicated Servers

Keep your sensitive data locked down in one of our high-powered, ultra-secure dedicated servers.

Discover Enterprise Cloud
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Managed Enterprise Cloud

Virtualise workloads on our multi-tenant cloud platform for increased flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency.

Discover Colocation
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Eliminate the expense of maintaining your own infrastructure, while retaining complete control of your servers.

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