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Fully managed VDI solutions

Take control of your company's desktop infrastructure

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Simplify your desktop management with Hyve’s fully managed virtual desktop infrastructure. 

What is virtual desktop infrastructure?

Virtual desktop infrastructure enables your business to run virtual machine (VM) desktops and applications from a cloud-based cluster of servers in a data centre. The virtual desktop services are then delivered remotely as a managed service by Hyve. 

VDI helps you to streamline desktop management for your business and keep configuration consistent across a large number of devices. It improves flexibility, security and reliability for your business.


We partner with industry-leading providers such as Microsoft, Citrix and VMware, for VDI services.



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How does VDI work?

  • The virtual desktops live within virtual machines (VMs) running on our cloud infrastructure in a Hyve data centre.
  • When a user logs in to the VDI client software on any device, a connection broker analyses and accepts the request before sending the user to their desktop.
  • VDI management software is used by the administrator to manage and create desktop pools, set up policies and provision new desktops.
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Why does your Business Need VDI?

With businesses doing their best to continue operations during lockdown, it is essential to securely connect employees across multiple locations and continue to work as normal.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is one solution that can help with this, so here are 5 reasons why your business should be using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Hyve's VDI solution is best suited to large enterprises with a requirement of over 20 desktops. If you have a smaller need, visit our DaaS page.

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with Hyve

Cost savings

As the processing is server-based, comparatively expensive or cutting-edge hardware is not necessary. Reduce your overhead costs by allowing employees to work remotely or in virtual offices with VDI, saving on energy and hardware.

Improved security

Data is stored in tier 3 enhanced data centres, not in your office or locally on your desktop, so if anything happens to your local PC, your data is unaffected. Servers are patched frequently, eliminating any vulnerabilities and keeping your data secure.


VDI supports enhanced user mobility and remote access with an on-demand office environment. By implementing standardised desktop profiles connected to the same desktop, users can pick up where they left off.


VDI runs on VMware with high availability built-in. We guarantee a 100% network and server uptime SLA for business-critical solutions such as VDI.

Support and management

You run your desktops while Hyve removes the burden of running your infrastructure. Our industry-leading UK-based support team is on hand 24/7 to assist with any issues.

Scalability and flexibility

Hyve supports your business growth. Our flexible VDI solution allows you to easily scale the number of desktops between 20 and 100,000 users.

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