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Why NYC?
As the world’s largest financial services hub and America’s largest city, New York (NYC) is a popular location for data centre space. NYC has the largest internet exchange and peering points, providing a world-class infrastructure for connectivity.

Manhattan is home to Wall Street, the NASDAQ stock exchange and global wealth management organisations, so has a high concentration of businesses requiring data centre services. Financial, healthcare, media, technology and telecommunications industries dominate the market – making NYC the second largest city economy in the world.

NYC is a city that has invested heavily in the technology sector and has become a strategic location for robust connectivity on the East Coast and across the USA.

Equinix NY
Hyve is a strategic partner with Equinix, and offer Private Cloud, Enterprise Cloud and Colocation in their 11 New York data centres.

With a growing demand for space, power and connectivity in NYC, many organisations want to have close proximity to their end users. The New York metro of data centres supports many of the world’s largest companies including financial services and media firms.

Equinix NY data centres provide low latency connectivity to many of the city’s top financial services firms and the network and interconnection increases performance and reliability for users.

Equinix’s data centres are located in Newark (NY1), Bergen (NY7), Manhattan (NY8 and 9) and Secaucus (NY2, NY4, NY5, NY6), Carteret (NY11), Piscataway (NY12) and Elmsford (NY13).

All data centres are certified to meet industry-leading environmental and energy management standards. Find out more about the technical specifications of our NYC data centres here.

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