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Managed Servers

Whether you are a global enterprise, a public sector body or a startup business, we offer a bespoke approach to managed server hosting, providing servers to suit your exact requirements, with management from our cloud experts.

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Supporting different operating systems for your managed server

Depending on your business requirements you will need a different operating system. The operating system will sit underneath all other software on your server, handling traffic requests and relaying data to and from the hardware.

Whether you are running Windows or Linux, our cloud experts are here to provide support and management for your servers across different operating systems.


Linux Servers

Linux is an open-source operating system used for demanding web environments, modelled on UNIX.  Linux is the preferred OS for:

  • Web servers and WordPress builds
  • Dreamweaver applications
  • MySQL databases
Learn more about Linux servers

Windows Servers

Built specifically for hosting servers, Windows Server is the ideal solution for businesses that want to:

  • Use ASP or .NET languages to develop their site
  • Use an MS SQL database
  • Run Windows-based CMS such as Umbraco or Kentico.
Learn more about Windows servers
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Discover Private Cloud
Private Cloud

Managed Private Cloud

All the benefits of cloud technology, with the increased security and control of dedicated hardware.

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Discover Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Keep your sensitive data locked down in one of our high-powered, ultra-secure dedicated servers.

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Discover Enterprise Cloud
Managed Cloud

Managed Enterprise Cloud

Virtualise workloads on our multi-tenant cloud platform for increased flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency.

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Discover Colocation


Eliminate the expense of maintaining your own infrastructure, while retaining complete control of your servers.

Discover Colocation

Why choose server management from Hyve?


Global presence

When choosing where to host your data, it is important to consider where your end-user is located. The shorter the journey to the data centre, the better the performance will be. With 35 global locations to choose from you can ensure you close proximity to your customers, guaranteeing low latency.


Anti DDoS

Security is the backbone of our business. Therefore, to protect your business against malicious attacks, have an extensive suite of security features available. We include 1GB of DDoS protection with every plan, at no additional cost. Many hosting providers will charge for this service.


20-minute hardware SLA

Whilst a lot of our competitors offer a 20-30 minute SLA, this is for the response times of requests. If you select our recommended HPE BladeSystem servers, we can guarantee any faulty hardware will be identified, resolved and fixed within 20 minutes.


100% network uptime SLA

Our infrastructure is built with a No Single Point Of Failure architecture. These multiple redundancies deliver us the certainty that our network connectivity will never go down.


Resilient power & cooling

Our data centres all offer multiple layers of redundancy for power and cooling, from a minimum of N+1 at some sites, right through to N+N at others. Power is fed diversely from separate national grids with UPS and on-site generators available to take over where necessary, ensuring no drop in service.


Extra-mile support

Our global support team are here to support your machine and make complex hosting simple. We got rid of tiered support, so when you call, you get straight through to your dedicated technical support engineer who will be ready to help you immediately.

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