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Logistics cloud hosting

Reducing risk, building resilience and automating processes with fully managed cloud hosting

Manage your logistics and supply chain in the cloud

Disruptions and unpredictability can cause major issues for logistics companies and supply chains. In this fast-paced industry, organisations need to limit volatility in order to operate as efficiently as possible, with maximum performance.

We support on-demand transport management and enterprise resource planning software, providing increased reliability, scalability and security, with fully managed cloud solutions to help you optimise your IT infrastructure.


Streamline IT processes

In an industry where it is essential for goods to arrive on time, cloud computing allows you to optimise your business processes and improve supply chain efficiency. From data analytics to automation, our platform can support the integration of more streamlined IT processes to aid day-to-day business operations.

Always available

As customer demands continue to rise, logistics and supply-chain businesses are reliant on the availability and resilience of their IT environment. With our no single point of failure architecture, we can provide unbeatable reliability and availability, to ensure uninterrupted business operations.

Keeping data secure

When you partner with us, you can be confident that your mission-critical data is secure. We understand the importance of data security when handling the sensitive information necessary for logistics operations.

How logistics and supply chain companies can benefit from our cloud solutions


High performance scalable infrastructure

We provide highly scalable cloud environments to allow you to meet ever-growing customer demands, without impacting performance.


Disaster recovery

In the event of an outage or disaster, you can be confident in knowing we will get your operations back online as soon as possible.


Remote access and mobility

With dedicated remote access solutions, your team can have complete remote access from anywhere to ensure the smooth operation of your supply chain.



Our engineers regularly monitor your cloud environment and can act upon any alerts to resolve the issue at hand.


Cost-effective IT solutions

We offer cost-effective IT solutions that promote high levels of security, availability, and performance, designed specifically to meet the demands of the logistics sector.



With our compliance with industry-specific standards such as ISO 17001, we can guarantee the highest possible levels of security for your infrastructure.

Hyve supports all TMS and ERP applications

Host your TMS and ERP applications on our best-in-class infrastructure with our high-availability VMware platform, which eliminates single points of failure to ensure that your TMS and ERP applications are always available.


Cloud solutions tailored to your needs

We provide a unique, tailored and scaleable approach to cloud hosting. Developed by experts, our cloud hosting solutions not only give you full control, but ensure reliability and security with a solution that is designed to meet your specific needs.

Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do, that’s why all of our solutions come with 24/7/365 support. When you partner with us, our support team becomes an extension of your business, allowing truly dedicated support when needed.

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Managed private Cloud

Stay competitive while enjoying optimal performance in a controlled, dedicated cloud environment.

Managed Enterprise Cloud

Enjoy the ease of scale and cost savings of public cloud infrastructure, but with added security and monitoring.

Managed Dedicated Servers

Run your most intensive workloads more cost-effectively and faster with a dedicated server.

We support companies with logistics hosting across the sector

“Our website gets a lot of traffic and we needed a fast and stable platform that would enable us to scale our business. Working with Hyve allows us to do this very successfully and we’ve never had any issues when it comes to performance levels or downtime.


Hyve were able to deliver a solution that was entirely tailored to our needs and at a much faster pace.”

Scale resources to meet business demands

Delivering robust, scalable solutions for the logistics sector

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Certifications & accreditations

When you are creating a shortlist of companies for your next cloud hosting project, it’s important to look into their compliance and accreditations.

Hyve has worked diligently to secure externally audited certifications in ISO 27001(Information Security), ISO 27017 (Cloud Security) and ISO9001 (Management systems). We have also been awarded PCI-DSS compliance, are Cyber Essentials Plus certified and are part of the government G-Cloud 13 framework, as well as a Crown Commercial supplier.

As a hosting provider that hosts some of the UK’s critical infrastructure, we comply fully with the NIS Regulation 2018, which was formulated by the NCSC (part of GCHQ) to boost the overall level of security (both cyber and physical) of network and digital information systems.

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