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Hyve works with a range of businesses, and it’s always interesting to see how they are getting on along the customer journey.

The way that we work with our clients is quite different to other hosting providers. There’s no tiered support. You get to know the team that work on your account, and they get to know your platform and business needs. Our customers really like this way of working, and it’s reflected in our numerous reviews and success stories online.

Craft ICT have been a Hyve customer since 2015. Their case study with Hyve proved to be really popular, as it included comparisons of internal and external speeds of the main cloud servers on the market. Hyve came out top, and they’ve been a happy customer ever since.

When asked recently by a prospect about Craft ICT’s customer journey with Hyve, Director Andy Hibbs said:

“It is the Hyve support side that has impressed us. Although we build, support and maintain our own servers on the Hyve platform, we provide an admin user account for the Hyve engineers to access each server to provide us with additional support. I must stress, we’ve had so few issues with our servers that I can’t recall a time to give you an example. However, other external factors have hit us (such as the Trustex SSL Certificate debacle in March) and their team have always responded brilliantly. Like their sales team, you do tend to get to know the engineers as well.

Communication is via a web portal with 3 levels of urgency, all of which are responded to well and in particular level 1 ‘critical’. I was impressed when I’d replied to a critical 1 (SSL certs mentioned earlier) issue within the portal and this reply isn’t prioritised the same way as an initial report of a problem. I received a phone call on Sunday afternoon (same day) from one of the engineers apologising that my reply wasn’t part of the level 1 monitoring system and proactively was checking personally whether we were OK and whether he could help. In general, all messages within the portal are replied to very quickly. Also, it has never been a problem phoning up to talk to one of the sales or support team.

We are slightly unusual as our servers are very customised to our requirements and the Hyve team are more used to providing a much more proactive service. But even with our setup, I can’t emphasise enough how great they’ve been when we’ve needed them.

The company seems to operate similar to us, their customers come first, they go the extra mile when needed and will be as flexible as possible, which has to be pretty flexible to meet our needs. We also like the fixed costs, no hidden extras like many other providers.”

It’s great to hear that Andy and the Craft ICT team are such happy customers!

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