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Hyve has over 10 years of experience working with public sector customers. Our hosting solutions are secure, scalable and cost-effective, providing the ideal environment for healthcare, education and local and central government departments.

One of our public sector healthcare customers is Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH), a specialist NHS hospital in the South of England.

We host QVH’s website, which is their ‘shop front’ that provides a range of information and resources for professional referrals to the hospital. The website also serves as an information service for people visiting the hospital. As the website is a vital resource, the reliability, availability and security of the website are paramount.

“As a core communication and information service, we made a specific decision to outsource our hosting to an expert third party,” explained Nasir Rafiq, IT Manager at QVH. “We need reliability, performance, value for money and really strong service capabilities.  For the last 10 years, that partner has been Hyve Managed Hosting.”

QVH has a small IT team based at the hospital but relies on Hyve to offer a secure and reliable hosting solution. “While my team and I are very experienced across a wide range of technologies, we are not hosting experts,” he explained.  “Hyve have always delivered a solution based on a strong technology foundation, backed by the capability to guide and advise us as our needs develop.”

We also support QVH’s cybersecurity strategy, providing features such as a powerful DDoS scrubbing capability that can mitigate and defeat the kind of disruptive attacks targeted at public sector organisations. We help organisations reach high standards of compliance by hosting in our UK based Tier 3 enhanced data centres, which are connected by a fully secure 40 Gbps network.

As ever, our customer service is at the core of everything that we do. As public sector organisations tend to have high staff turnover or staff moving between departments, we can ensure that the infrastructure is managed by the same team at Hyve at all times.

“The quality of support provided by Hyve has always been particularly impressive", said Rafiq.  “I have dedicated account managers who I know and can call if I have questions or any problems.  Their responsiveness – even outside of normal working hours is of great benefit.”

You can read more about our public sector hosting services here.

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