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Miami location
Hyve has recently expanded to offer hosting services in Miami. Due to its location, it continues to play an increasing role as an important global hub for international commerce. 

Miami is the Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas, and is a popular data centre destination for growing Latin American and Caribbean markets. Our Miami location provides a world-class communications gateway and direct connections to New York and New Jersey. 

What is Enterprise Cloud?
Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud is a fully managed multi-tenanted VMware cloud platform which delivers high performance, reliability and scalability. With our Enterprise Cloud, you have the flexibility of a public cloud infrastructure, but with added security and monitoring.

Enterprise Cloud is a reliable and secure cloud for businesses on the East Coast, with the flexibility to scale as your business expands.  

Why VMware?
Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud is 100% VMware based, offering the fastest and most reliable platform for cloud computing. 

  • Reduce server downtime: VMware HA ensures high availability on all Hyve’s servers. This means that in the case of an error occurring, VMware HA would automatically reboot onto other production servers that had spare capacity.
  • Zero downtime maintenance: VMware vMotion enables live migration of virtual machines from one server to another without any downtime. This means that if a server needs to be taken offline to undergo maintenance, your virtual machines can be migrated to a live server without having to take your website offline.
  • Improve server performance: VMware Distributed Resources Scheduler (DRS) continuously monitors resource utilisation across VMware hosting servers and intelligently distributes available resources among VMware virtual machines according to business needs. This will improve server performance by ensuring that your servers always have optimal resources to operate.

Reliable platform
Customers can benefit from the server performance and high availability that VMware offers, as well as Hyve’s 99.999% SLA for uptime. Many public cloud providers would not be able to achieve this level of service on their infrastructure, which is a major benefit of using Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud. 

Get the fastest performance and low latency for the East Coast and Latin America with Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud in Miami. 

Find out more about our Enterprise cloud

Could your business benefit from running our Enterprise cloud offering in Miami? Get in touch with our sales team on 0800 612 2524 or email us at sales@hyve.com.

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