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What is Colocation?

Instead of keeping servers in-house or in a private data centre, businesses can rent physical space for their servers or computing hardware and colocate in a third-party data centre.

The data centre provider takes care of the important aspects such as network connectivity, power and cooling.

Colocation basics
With colocation services, businesses purchase their own equipment and pay a colocation provider for the space and resources in the data centre. The individual is then responsible for setting up and configuring their server and maintaining it going forward.

Many businesses choose to move away from hosting their IT infrastructure in-house and want the flexibility of still being able to manage their own equipment. Space is rented based on their requirements but can be easily scaled up as the business grows.

When it comes to security, colocation providers deliver rigorous levels of security in data centres, including 24/7 staff, CCTV and biometric access control. This ensures that equipment and data is kept secure and is monitored at all times.

Main benefits
Data centres offer high availability and uptime, with redundant power supplies and emergency generators to keep data centres up and running at all times. They also offer improved bandwidth and lower latency, compared to hosting your own infrastructure in-house.

Colocation also allows you to implement a disaster recovery plan and back up your mission critical data to another data centre. Disasters can occur at any time, and if your IT infrastructure is kept in-house data could be lost or destroyed. Backing up your data to a separate location ensures that in the event of a disaster, your mission-critical applications will remain up and running.

Colocation with Hyve   

At Hyve we provide colocation to our customers on a global scale, spanning across multiple data centres in key locations worldwide.

We can either perform a ‘lift and shift’ operation where we migrate existing IT infrastructures into our data centre, or we can provide bespoke ‘kit to rack’ within our data centres. In all cases, we provide customers with a resilient environment and the ongoing support that they need.

The benefit of working with Hyve is that you get one account contact to manage all data centre locations, wherever they are in the world.

Managed Services
Hyve’s flexible and proactive international support team always go the Extra Mile to help our customers. Our global presence in the world’s leading Tier 3+ data centres teamed with our outstanding support means that we can provide unbeatable colocation services.

To find out more about our colocation services, get in touch with our sales team today on 0800 640 5457.

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