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Having a cloud strategy that works for your business is crucial. The role that your cloud provider plays comes down to the amount of flexibility versus support that you need – Public Clouds are the most flexible in terms of the infrastructure, whereas Managed Clouds are suited to businesses that need technical assistance and on-going management.

What are the benefits of Managed Cloud in terms of service and support?

24/7 Support
Managed hosts offer technical support 24/7, meaning that engineers are always available to ensure that your cloud is supported and available. Managed hosts will also train engineers in the latest technologies and equipment, whereas investing in training for in-house staff could be very expensive and time-consuming.

Tailored to you
Managed providers will also be able to architect a platform for your business, rather than using an off-the-shelf cloud. Support goes up to the OS level, so all the monitoring and management of your servers and applications are handled for you.

Reduce risk
Managed hosts will be able to provide a wealth of industry knowledge that will help to minimise risks to your business and prepare you for any potential pitfalls. Providers will also have a suite of security features that will protect your data and servers, as well as security certifications and accreditations.

Predictable billing
If you are spinning up a low-cost server you’ll be paying on a per usage basis. So if you use extra bandwidth or extra resources, you could have a large bill at the end of the month. With a managed provider you will be charged a fixed monthly cost for the use of their services.

Managed providers will offer industry level SLAs for network uptime, data centre infrastructure uptime and server uptime (99.999% is standard for good providers).

We also offer a management layer for Public Clouds such as AWS, Azure and Google.  This gives you the flexibility of the Public Cloud in terms of provisioning servers and applications, but we work with your business to create a deployment or migration plan and add the management layer on top. Our certified engineers can help you optimise your Public Cloud and take away the need for expertise in-house.

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