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Fantastic service, highly recommended.

We have used Hyve’s services for the last 2 years and I can honestly say that it has been a pleasure to work with them and I have no qualms with recommending them to anyone looking for a quality hosting service.
Any time that we have had cause to contact the support team (which is rare) we have been given swift, accurate and professional responses and, where required, assistance with getting to a resolution in good time.

Edmand in particular has been a very reliable resource, even when the question isn’t related to something that Hyve can help with directly.

Thanks Hyve!

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We've been with Hyve for years

We’ve been with Hyve for years, excellent hosting and great speedy customer service

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Very much looking forward to working again with HYVE

Excellent customer service during our onboarding process. Clear and concise communication, transparency around costs, as well as assistance with matters outside of the scope of HYVE’s responsibility. A really pleasant and reassuring experience throughout.

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First class support for our business

We are Clarity Digital, a Norwich-based web development and hosting agency. We always receive first class support from the Hyve team that handles support tickets. Fast response time and nothing is too much trouble.


Clarity Digital

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HYVE - great service and support

I’ve been working with HYVE for over 2 years now and they provide a great service in supporting our client websites. The servers are very robust; if we do need any support, they are prompt to resolve this.

Chetan Chudasama

GCI Network Solutions

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A first class hosting partner

I have used Hyve managed hosting for more than 5 years and would recommend their services to anyone looking for a managed hosting partner.

Throughout this period Hyve have functioned as an extra member of our team and allowed us to focus on our core business while they take care of our hosting.

Graham Allan


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A+ Service

We use a number of Hyve services; good value and great service from the team

Chris Mills

Open Tracking

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Been users of Hyve for many years and…

Been users of Hyve for many years and I’ve have always found them to be very helpful & quick to respond.

Highly Recommended

Russell Trodd

Commerce Decisions Limited

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Competent work and very fast response times

Competent work and very fast response times. We are very happy with the service

Andreas Dim

Ansys Switzerlan

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Since December 2020, Destination2 & Holiday Gems (Travcorp Holdings Ltd) have partnered with Hyve Ltd.

In mid-November 2020, it became apparent there was an urgent need to update, upgrade and increase the capacity of our external server infrastructure. We were not happy with our existing supplier for various reasons and our search began in order to employ the services of a long-term forward-thinking partner who would support, help and advise our businesses in our quest for growth. Following detailed and thorough due diligence we chose Hyve Ltd.

The change-over from our existing supplier was actioned at speed and a smooth transition occurred. Since this time, we can honestly say choosing Hyve Ltd was absolutely the right decision for our businesses. They have proved time after time they are not only professional but experts in their field giving valid recommendations and accurate advice along the way.

We have been delighted with Hyve Ltd’s speed, efficiency and professionalism during the course of our relationship and we hope it remains like this for many more years to come. We would recommend Hyve Ltd’s service to any like-minded business.

Jason Green

Travcorp Holdings Ltd

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Excellent service over many years

We have used Hyve’s managed hosting services for 12 years. They have been a reliable, trustworthy partner, offering excellent support and communication. They have expanded and upgraded their offering whilst still maintaining great customer service.

Most recently we worked with Callam on a server infrastructure migration project. He responded promptly, gave good advice and most importantly did exactly what he said he would when he said he would.

Henry Barker

Paper Stone

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Excellent service so far

So far, excellent service! A support guy – Callam – helped us move our site over from another host. He was efficient and friendly, and all went very smoothly, so we’re happy.

Dane Rossenrode

Global Media Limited

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Great help from Chris

Great help from Chris. It wasn’t a Hyve problem but he communicated with the software for a good 3 months to get to the bottom of it. Thanks so much Chris

Disney Harrod

Peter Jarman

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Great service and support

I had 10 servers and never dreamed of moving providers. The point came where I had too. I spoke with Tom a few times on the phone and zoom, and he assured me it would be painless. I was ver, very sceptical. He wasn’t wrong. Tom and his team made it a very smooth and painless process. He was very clear and transparent and support is second to none. Chalk and cheese to what I had become accustomed too. Thanks guys. My faith in hosting companies has been restored….

Tony Lambrou

White Feather Designs Ltd

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Great support from Hyve

As usual from Hyve, the response to my support request was very fast and the problem quickly dealt with. Agent was polite and helpful.

Kraaz Neesay

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Hyve Support is Excellent

We are working with Hyve Ltd,UK
Their support system is EXCELLENT and OUTSTANDING in all aspects
Very Helpful, Understanding the requirements very clearly
Account Manager Emily is doing a great job and very supportive
Roberto Bello from Support Team is excellent in Knowledge/Supporting Mindset/Ontime Response
Very happy to be associated with Hyve

Muthusamy Subramanian

Global Minds

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Our first website hosted by Hyve has…

Our first website hosted by Hyve has been relatively straightforward and plane sailing. We had an issue where the server was running very slow (thankfully prior to site going live), we flagged this with the support team who en devoured to investigate and fix the problem, a few days later problem was pin pointed, fixed and all is well, site is now up and running and live to the world.

The Gate Scotland

The Gate

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Proper Techies

We have a significant estate with Hyve, been customers for about a year now. The techs *really* know their stuff & are always responsive.

Would recommend to anyone who wishes to make their infrastructure someone else’s problem. 


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Remarkable service

We’ve recently switched our print website to Hyve from Rackspace and I have to say that the level of service that we’ve received so far has been second to none. Neville Louzado was awesome during the on-board process. We had some technical issues that needed to be sorted out which was no fault of Hyve, but Neville was available on his mobile even for a few days while on annual leave which is incredible and Chris Anderson gave up his Friday night and worked away with our tech team until gone midnight then back online again at 9 am Saturday morning so that we could hit our launch deadline. The dedication was incredible and we couldn’t be happier! Thanks so much to the whole team, particularly Neville and Chris for going above and beyond.

Christopher Wright


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Server Upgrade

Went through an upgrade procedure last weekend. Depsite this being put off over a few months Roberto happy with all my changes, and when the upgrade was finally done everything went as planned.

John Whitney

Safeguard world international

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SSL VPN Client Support Experience

Tom was very kind and detailed.
He patiently explained to me the process and educated me about the questions I raised. Wonderful experience!

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The team was really great!

The team was really great! They are very proactive and kind. They suggest options on how I would like the issue to be resolved.
They are also very patient when they educate me about things I don’t understand. Highly recommended!


Pets Choice

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Very helpful and very courteous!

Rina Diaz

Homestudy Courses

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Very Satisfied Long Term Customers

We have trusted our cloud infrastructure to Hyve for 5 years now, running, on average, a dozen servers.

We carried out direct speed comparisons before moving to Hyve and found that their servers outperformed our previous providers, which included Amazon.

Hyve’s support throughout has always been exceptional, personal and we cannot recommend them highly enough.

Craft ICT ltd

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Always super quick to reply!

Paulien Van Rickervorsel

Plus X holdings

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Great Support Department

As Head of IT at an SME customer of Hyve, I’ve been impressed with the dealings I’ve had with their managed hosting support team. Tickets have been picked up and owned by knowledgeable, technical staff, who are also friendly and keen to help, doing whatever they can to help, with quick turnarounds. We’re not at the point of having an in-house web team just yet, but Hyve have done a pretty good job of bridging that gap for us.


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Hyve' Five!

Hyve have been nothing but outstanding since we moved our site to them. Their technical support team is extremely responsive, knowledgeable and professional. Within just 48 hours with being hosted by them our page speed scores have improved.

Additionally an issue we had been experiencing for the past six months, that our previous hosting company could not get to the bottom of, has now been fixed and resolved.

Furthermore they offer a truly managed hosting solution.

Highly recommended and worthy of a ‘Hyve’ Five rating!

Dave Sawyer

Blitz 21

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A team of superheros!!

We have been working with Hyve for several months on the hosting and deployment of a new Magento 2 site.

The entire team are highly accomplished, their understanding of Magento is unsurpassed. There has not been a single problem that they have not been able to fix and trust me, with Magento 2…there are many!

Worth their weight in gold!!

Glenn Rogers

Design Go

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The knowledge and attention to detail provided by Hyve was second to none and far better than anything I’ve experienced before. They made moving hosting providers quick and easy and the ongoing support is outstanding.

David Ireson


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Hyve are amazing!

Hyve are amazing! We recently moved our online learning platform to Hyve and the experience has been brilliant. From the very start of the process, the care and attention taken to really understand our needs was impressive. Everyone in the team has been professional, friendly and very efficient. It’s been a pleasure to work with them from day 1. Our Customer Experience Manager (Katharine) has been fantastic – keeping in touch and ensuring we have everything we need. We are extremely impressed and would happily recommend Hyve to anyone.


Nubridge Publishing Limited

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Above and beyond

Outstanding customer service and response rate.
We needed a new managed server and since the first meeting, I was convinced that Hyve was the right path for us. During the migration phase, all needs were met within minutes. The server itself is very responsive and reliable, we haven’t experienced any slowness or loss of service.

Special thanks to Luke, Tom and Mohan for managing the whole process, you were extremely patient and helpful with every question!

Between Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Hyve, I would choose Hyve any day!

Uroš Turčić

Samera Global

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