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What is MySQL?
MySQL is the market leader in open source database systems, with its popularity based on its streamlined code, ease of use and inclusion in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) stack.

Many businesses use MySQL to store large records of information, so data backup is vital. Hyve provides MySQL replication, a process where a single set of data stored in a MySQL database is copied to a secondary server (known as master-slave replication). Any updates to the master database are therefore made simultaneously to the additional server, aiming to enhance performance.

MySQL replication
This master-slave replication is a typical setup for businesses, but we can also carry out master-master replication, which enables data to be copied from either server to the other. As MySQL reads or writes can be performed from either server, access to data is more manageable and the possibility of data loss is greatly reduced.

MySQL replication is beneficial for a number of reasons, for instance, data analysis where reports can be run on slave servers so that the master database won’t be slowed down or corrupted. Data replication from single servers that are under large loads also assists with scaling out, ensuring that the speed of the master database is not affected.

MySQL replication can also be replicated across different geographic locations. This provides an ideal solution for international businesses and increases the overall performance of the master database.

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