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Migrating to Hyve
More businesses than ever are moving some, or all, of their technology workloads to the cloud. But for many, business-critical operations still use on-premise infrastructure, with the idea of the migration process to private cloud seeming daunting and complicated. 

Migrating with Hyve is seamless, with no downtime or disruption of business operations – so, why should you move away from on-premise hosting?

Legacy infrastructure
Complex legacy applications that are often written in outdated, incompatible code were once labelled ‘uncloudifiable’, but now they can be effectively modernised and quickly migrated to the cloud. For industries such as finance or government, moving to private cloud is the most secure option to meet compliance and security regulations by keeping your data safe in a single-tenant, dedicated hosting environment.

If you opt for on-premise infrastructure, your applications and data will be located on-site, which poses many security risks. If your equipment is in your office and the power goes off or there is a break-in, this leaves your business, and data, in a very vulnerable situation. Having your own facility to manage also means that you are responsible for the physical security – which needs to meet stringent requirements, and can be costly.

Hyve’s strategic data centre partner, Equinix, guarantees all locations are Tier 3 enhanced and are ISO 27001:2013 certified. With robust physical security measures in place, such as 24/7 CCTV, biometric scanners, card readers, video monitors, and mantraps to prevent unauthorized access, our data centres are incredibly secure. Having 24/7 controlled access at a data centre means you don’t have to pay to set up and maintain the security you’d need for an on-site server room. 

If your backups are stored in the same building as your infrastructure, in the event of a disaster, your entire business data could be lost. Migrating to the cloud allows you to have offsite backups to send to another data centre – reducing the possibility of any downtime. Hyve’s private cloud removes the costs and increased security risks of maintaining equipment in your own office space or facility, and gives you the peace of mind that your data is held in a dedicated, controlled data centre away from your day to day business operations. 

Cost efficiency
Sourcing and maintaining software, hardware, servers and other IT equipment can be costly, with a high initial investment required to start the process of on-premise hosting. Along with the equipment, on-premise hosting requires space, electricity, cooling, networking, physical security and more. Not only do businesses need to fund the physical equipment, but they have to hire skilled technicians to know how to set up and run it continuously. Therefore, many businesses decide that they no longer want to carry the burden of the infrastructure cost and move their business to a private cloud. Environmentally, moving your hosting to one of our global data centres enables you to offset your carbon footprint – saving the world and your money.

Choosing a managed cloud hosting solution can help to decrease initial capital investment (Capex) and any ongoing operational expenses (Opex) of your business by passing on the responsibility of creating and maintaining their infrastructure. Moving from Capex to Opex with cloud computing shifts your IT expenditure to a more cost-effective model – an attractive benefit, especially for startups.

Migrating to private cloud makes it easier for businesses to enhance application performance, reduce downtime and scale computing resources. If you are running your own hardware on-site, you could buy equipment that isn’t right for your business or doesn’t work well with your applications. Without a managed hosting provider, you would have to diagnose the issues on your own without any expertise to hand.

Here at Hyve, we have the ability to test your applications on different platforms, to see which performs best for your business. Hyve’s managed private cloud gives you flexibility and access to the best equipment in the industry: the most optimised RAM, SSD storage and so on. 

Migration is a good opportunity to streamline your systems, build a better architecture and load balance your applications. As part of our management layer, our dedicated team of experts will put together a migration plan and make informed recommendations in order to find the optimum performance for your web application. We take care of your hosting up to the application layer, including patching, firewalls, maintenance, disaster recovery and backups – becoming a true extension of your business. 

To find out more about migrating your on-premise infrastructure to our Private Cloud, get in touch with our sales team today on 0333 256 5633.