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Loadbalancer.org provide secure and versatile load balancers that are used to improve the performance of IT applications and websites. They provide hardware, virtual and cloud (for AWS and Azure) load balancers to suit a range of customer requirements.

Hyve are pleased to join Loadbalancer.org’s partner program, giving us priority access to their expert support team and full technical training on their products. Having a 24/7 support service from Loadbalancer.org enables us to provide the best service to our clients and to meet our own strict SLAs.

"Hyve partnered with Loadbalancer.org because they offer the same standard of support that we do, meaning that even with 3rd party providers, we're giving our customers the best service. Load balancers are the ideal solution for sites that need to distribute incoming network traffic to ensure uptime, and we've had great success with many busy sites using this technology" - Edmand Thipursian, Technical Support Engineer at Hyve Managed Hosting.

Many Hyve customers with high traffic applications use load balancing to distribute workload across two or more servers to improve performance and reliability.

Hyve customers can benefit from layer 7 and layer 3 load balancing, thanks to VMware’s ESX technology. Also, the integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF) in Loadbalancer.org appliances provides added security and protection from SQL injections and cross site scripting.

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