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Cybersecurity Awareness – 3 challenges faced by businesses

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are sharing three pressing cybersecurity challenges faced by businesses, and how to address these.

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The challenge: Data protection and compliance

With several high profile data breaches occurring in recent months, data protection and compliance is a top cybersecurity priority. Traditional on-premise solutions come with inherent risks, due to the premises being vulnerable to burglary, fire, or power outages, risking the loss of your data. Public cloud solutions, on the other hand, may not provide a high enough level of security for many businesses, as you do not have full control over your data.  

Sensitive data must also be stored in compliance with regulations such as the GDPR and PCI DSS. If you do not have the expertise within your organisations, these regulations can be difficult to navigate, and you may miss out on regulatory changes which require updates to your infrastructure.

The solution: A private cloud solution with expert support

A private cloud solution provides superior security and protection of your data. You will have complete control over your own data and applications, throughout every aspect of your infrastructure. You will benefit from cloud technology on our single tenant infrastructure, dedicated to your business.

Our experts will support you through the set-up of a private cloud solution, providing up-to-date guidance on ensuring protection of your data and compliance with regulations. 

The challenge: Data sovereignty

Data sovereignty is a growing concern for businesses, referring to data being subject to the laws and governance of the country or jurisdiction in which it is stored. For companies operating internationally, this means that data has to be stored and secured differently in different countries. This can raise several security concerns:

Data access – Data stored in a cloud server in a certain country may be subject to government access or surveillance laws in that country, potentially impacting the confidentiality and security of your data.

Security breaches – Cybersecurity standards and enforcement vary by country. Hosting your data in a country with weaker security measures may be a business risk.

Data transfer – Rules vary regarding the transfer of data across borders. If you are working with sensitive data, you may be restricted if you are storing and processing it in separate locations, or storing data in multiple locations, potentially posing issues with your security processes.  

The solution: Working with an experienced cloud provider with global reach

Working with a cloud provider with data centres globally allows you to control where your data is stored and maintain data sovereignty. 

An experienced provider can advise you on regulations and cybersecurity standards in different countries, supporting you to optimise your infrastructure, wherever you are operating globally. 

The challenge: Ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a prominent threat facing businesses across all industries. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that blocks access to a computer system until a ‘ransom’ is paid. Attacks can be targeted at both individuals and businesses, and present a significant security risk. 

The main consequences of ransomware attacks are:

Financial loss – either from paying the ransom demands themselves, or damage to the business if an attack is successful.

Data loss – the attackers may encrypt files, rendering them useless, or leak data they have acquired. 

The solution: A multi-layered approach with stringent security measures

Stringent security measures are vital for any business to prevent ransomware and other malicious attacks. Security measures you can take include URL/DNS and email protection, malware and antivirus protection, firewalls, identity protection with MFA, and encryption and backup of data. 

At Hyve, we offer a multi-layered approach to protect your business, going beyond industry standards and maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.

In conclusion

Data protection and compliance, data sovereignty, and ransomware attacks are all pressing issues your business may be facing. By putting the right infrastructure and measures in place, you can optimise cybersecurity for your business. 

To find out more about how our solutions can support your cybersecurity needs, get in touch via our form.

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