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Hybrid Cloud

Seamless cloud integration

Combine the benefits of different hosting environments with a hybrid cloud solution. With a mix of on-premise, private cloud and public cloud infrastructure, you can assign workloads to the environment best suited to handling them.

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Looking for the best of both worlds?

Discover the benefits of merging a combination of on-premise, private cloud and managed cloud services, all working together in tandem. Our bespoke hybrid cloud solution simultaneously provides your business with the security and control of a private cloud and the flexibility and cost savings of a public cloud.

Driving business potential

Whilst hybrid cloud can drive cost savings for your business, its fundamental value lies in supporting a fast-paced digital business transformation. Our experts create a seamless experience by matching your actual requirements to the cloud services that are best suited to handle them; for example, using the public cloud for test environments, and the private cloud to store company-sensitive data.

Powered by world-class hardware

We only deploy the best hardware available. Our decision to invest so heavily in hardware means that we can offer you the fastest and most robust equipment. This not only means that every aspect of your platform is faster, but also that we are able to offer industry-leading SLAs to keep your business online at all times.

Benefits of Hyve’s Hybrid Cloud


Seamless scalability

By moving non-sensitive elements of your infrastructure to the public cloud, Our hybrid cloud delivers scalability whilst reducing demand on the private cloud. Our hybrid cloud offers unlimited scalability, meaning you can scale as you grow, as well as meet traffic spikes on-demand.



A hybrid cloud model reduces your capital investments by storing sensitive data on the private cloud or on-premise and storing less sensitive data on the public cloud, therefore freeing up resources and saving money. Storage and compute costs remain low, whilst still having access to our high availability platform.


Superior security

Our unified hybrid cloud platform allows you to draw on our security and compliance best practices across all environments. Incorporating a private cloud to store your business-critical data provides the ultimate in control and security, as there aren’t any shared resources.


Business agility

We know that workloads can fluctuate. That’s why our hybrid cloud gives the flexibility to choose the perfect balance of scalable public cloud and high-performance private cloud compute. Enjoy easy access to resources to accelerate development and testing projects, support new applications or address unanticipated needs.


Extra-mile support

We offer expert management and 24/7/365 support with our hybrid cloud solution. We can also accommodate any legacy applications or highly sensitive data that needs to remain on-premise. Our team of certified engineers go above and beyond your expectations, giving you peace of mind for your business.


Unrivalled SLAs

We know that the time it takes to replace any faulty hardware is critically important for your business. That’s why we invest in HPE BladeSystems, 3PAR SANs, enterprise-grade VMware and fibre connectivity as standard, with a 20-minute hardware replacement and 100% network uptime SLA.

Find your global data center

Take advantage of our strategic partnerships with leading data center specialists and multiple bandwidth partners. Enjoy access to world-class technology, flexible service contracts and industry-leading SLAs with our global hosting offering.

Lean on our hybrid cloud experts

Our experts can help you to overcome unique challenges around your cloud infrastructure, leading to improved levels of service and reduced costs.

With powerful computing infrastructure and expert management, we help to increase productivity, drive innovation and ultimately grow your business.

Use case

Keeping mission-critical applications online

Transactional websites such as holiday booking engines require uptime SLAs that match their mission-critical needs, especially at peak times throughout the year. Online travel agent, Travcorp, needed to get up and running on their private cloud very quickly. Our experts migrated them over to Hyve’s infrastructure in just one weekend, allowing them to start making transactions - and ultimately revenue - as soon as possible.

Use case

Data sovereignty, security and compliance

Maintaining regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical industry is nothing short of essential. We helped Odyssey VC meet regulatory and compliance needs due to their clients’ reluctance to use mainstream public cloud services. Hyve enabled them to move their compliance software from in-house legacy infrastructure to a secure private cloud environment in multiple EU-compliant locations, including Dublin and Madrid.

Frequently asked questions about Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud refers to a mixed IT Infrastructure that combines public and private cloud. Hybrid cloud connects and unifies traditional on-premise infrastructure, public cloud environments and private cloud services in one environment, working towards one common goal.

Different types of infrastructure used in the hybrid cloud such as a public or private cloud which share a combination of storage, and computing power. These clouds are usually connected via a VPN, WAN or API.


A hybrid cloud allows users to work on various data sources in differing environments, adjusting their infrastructure accordingly.


A hybrid cloud allows users to choose to run workloads in whichever environment whenever needed, allowing businesses to have full control of costs by only deploying financial resources when needed.

Security and resilience

Hybrid cloud offers incredibly high levels of security. You can store sensitive data on your private cloud or on-premise with single-tenant access.


When demand spikes and capacity is reached on private infrastructure, an organisation can quickly transition to a public cloud environment.Streamlined: A hybrid cloud is a great solution for businesses that need to migrate to and from different computing environments easily.

The main difference between Hybrid cloud and Multi-Cloud is that Hybrid Cloud refers to multiple types of cloud technology working in parallel, for example Private and Public. However, Multi-cloud is a combination of different vendors, which helps prevent vendor lockin.

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