Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

What is Disaster Recovery? 
Disaster Recovery is the concept of continuing business operations after a disaster. This involves resuming access to: applications, hardware, data, servers, networking equipment, power and connectivity.

Disaster Recovery should follow a Disaster Recovery plan – which would consist of processes and procedures laid out specifically to be able to resume business as usual in the shortest possible time.

What is a ‘disaster’?
A disaster is any event that is unforeseen and could put your enterprise at risk by stopping you being able to function as normal. This could be a natural disaster such as fire or flood, or a cyber attack which may leave your infrastructure standing, but completely disrupt your business operations.

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How does Disaster Recovery work?
When a disaster strikes, Hyve is able to move traffic to systems running in another data centre until you can achieve a safe failback. We replicate and synchronise your entire system architecture, data storage and applications into secondary certified and compliant cloud data centres.

In the event of a failure we would activate our DNS failover system that swings your DNS to the DR Site and would be able to continue to serve your customers/staff your content. We run continuous replication from production DR using a number of methods – we can provide both SQL MySQL replication, as well as straight SAN to SAN Replication. File systems are also generally replicated using R-Sync or Robocopy depending on which OS you’re using.

Hyve run a basic localised backup recovery service which allows us to boot you directly from a backup in the case of a disaster, this is specifically within a single location.


How long does Disaster Recovery take?
There are 2 concepts to take into consideration:

RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is the point in the server’s timeline that you can return to after a disaster. For instance, if you only have daily backups, your max RPO should be 24 hours. With Hyve DR, because we run continuous replication, maximum data loss should be 15 minutes.

RTO (Recovery Time Objective) is the amount of time that it takes to recover from a situation such as a full data centre disaster. Using Hyve DR solutions, we can offer a SLA for 15 minutes.

How can Hot DR help your business?
Hot DR means that the DR site is live. We can check it at any point and see that the system runs the same as in production.

Hyve would set up a continuous replication from our production site using SQL, Always On or MySQL Replication for the databases in most cases, Robycopy for Windows server and R-Sync for Linux file servers.

Should there be a catastrophic meltdown at the production site, we would use DNS to failover to the ‘Hot DR’ site making it the production site. Failover normally takes around 2 minutes.


Why choose Hyve for Disaster Recovery Services?
The reason that you use DR is simply down to the cost of downtime for your business. If you were down for an hour, how much money or reputational damage would it cost your business?

We have a lot of experience running DR solutions for a range of businesses. Our dedicated Technical Support Engineers will always be on hand to assist in fail over and recovery and will work with you until you achieve full system recovery.




Features of Disaster Recovery

Recovery Time Objective

We offer a 15 minute recovery SLA. This means your entire business will be working exactly as normal just 15 minutes after a disaster strikes, minimising any loss of revenue or applications.

All In One Solution

Hyve provides an integrated, single solution for all your back up, disaster recovery and compliant data retention needs. Our certification and accreditation proves our commitment to your data security.

Testing Automation

Unless you regularly check your back ups, you cannot be sure of their efficiency. Hyve’s automated testing means you are able to utilise a virtual private environment to spin up anything from three servers to your entire environment at any time you choose.

Platform Agnostic

Any OS, any device. From a single user’s laptop to a VM cluster. Any hypervisor and any storage. Whatever your business uses, you can safely, securely and quickly back up and recover as you need to.




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