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Magento Cloud Hosting

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What is Magento?

Magento is the largest online open source eCommerce web application, enabling retailers to build and maintain their online shops with minimum effort and no setup fees.

Magento offers flexible solutions that are tailored to individual business needs, from small companies to multinational businesses. Users benefit not only from unlimited product listings and customised design but also from inbuilt SEO metrics, marketing tools, payment processing and order management.


Why use Hyve for Magento Cloud Hosting?

Do you need high-performance Magento cloud hosting? Our fast and reliable VMware-based enterprise cloud platform gives your business just that. We’re experts in performance tuning for demanding sites and ensure online safety with advanced security features.

We know that a fast and reliable shopping experience is essential for a successful business. That’s why our UK-based support team are on hand to fix any Magento performance issues and deal with traffic spikes with our 20-minute rapid response rate, providing businesses with a resilient, fast and fully managed service. 


What's included with Hyve Magento Cloud Hosting

Select and Control Information to Share Across Multiple Online Stores From a Single Admin Area
Assign Roles and Permissions Across Users
Web Services API for easy integration between Magento and any third-party application
Custom Website Design and Styling
Manage Online Customer Groups
Integrated Content Management System (CMS) for Creating and Managing Informational Pages
Google Website Optimizer Integration for A/B and Multivariate Testing

How does Magento Cloud Hosting work?

We recommend Hyve VMware private cloud or Hyve VMware public cloud with the following configuration.

Fully Licensed Magento Basic- Prices start at £249 per month

Fully Licensed Magento Enterprise – Prices start at £499 per month

Protecting your valuable data

Security is a vital aspect of online business. By hosting Magento on our cloud platform, you can have the peace of mind that Hyve keep up to date with advanced security measures such as PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 certifications, physical Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) and DDoS defence solutions.


Benefits of Magento Cloud Hosting with Hyve

High availability built-in

We only offer high-availability platforms. We offer replication and load balancing across data centres. This means that if there is a fatal incident at one DC, your traffic can automatically be routed to a secondary location in a matter of seconds.

Resilient power & cooling

Our data centres all offer multiple layers of redundancy for power and cooling, from a minimum of N+1 at some sites, right through to N+N at others. Power is fed diversely from separate national grids with UPS and on-site generators available to take over where necessary, ensuring no drop in service.

Extra-mile support

Our UK-based support team is here to support your machine and make complex hosting simple. We got rid of tiered support, so when you call, you get straight through to your dedicated technical support engineer 24/7/365 who will be ready to help you immediately.

Reliable network infrastructure

In order to provide our strict 100% network up-time guarantee, Hyve’s global 2Tbit/s network peers directly with the world’s top Tier 1 bandwidth providers. Diversely routed, with no single point of failure, our network provides extremely low latency connectivity on a global scale.

Security first

Security is the backbone of our business. Therefore, to protect your business against malicious attacks, we have an extensive suite of security features available. We include 1GB of DDoS protection with every plan, at no additional cost.

Seamless scalability

Our Magento hosting solution is built with scalability in mind, meaning you can scale as you grow, as well as meet traffic spikes on-demand. With our infrastructure, we can also add extra CPU, RAM and HDD with 0% downtime.

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Magento Cloud Hosting

What our customers say about us

Breath of fresh air! Such a responsive and knowledgeable support team. Been with Hyve for over a year now, every time I request help I’m blown away!

Recently switched from UKFast to Hyve. So far such a fantastic experience, the support team helped migrate and sort out all initial hickups. Onto a roaring new start with the brand spankimg new shiny high availability server :)

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Certifications & accreditations

When you are creating a shortlist of companies for your next cloud hosting project, it’s important to look into their compliance and accreditations.

Hyve has worked diligently to secure externally audited certifications in ISO 27001(Information Security), ISO 27017 (Cloud Security) and ISO9001 (Management systems). We have also been awarded PCI-DSS compliance, are Cyber Essentials Plus certified and are part of HIPAA, as well as a Crown Commercial supplier.

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