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Migration Support

Migrating your data to a new host can seem like a daunting part of signing up with a new service provider. Hyve aims to make this process as straightforward as possible with our full and assisted migration services. 

Migrating a large number of sites and applications can be a time-consuming process that could negatively affect business operations if it is not properly managed.

Hyve manages the whole migration process and provides a full system migration from initial data dump through to re-pointing the DNS to the new servers. Our dedicated team of engineers manage the whole process, giving you peace of mind that the migration will run as smoothly as possible.

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Migration Support with Hyve

Extra Mile Support

Our Extra Mile Support provides you with dedicated Technical Support Engineers who will be assigned to your account. They will be familiar with you and your business needs saving time and money.

USA Data Centers

The Patriot Act gave the US government the power to access any data held anywhere by an American company. Hosting with Hyve means your data is safe and secure.


In independent testing, our cloud platform outperforms AWS, Rackspace and Google. See the results here. This will improve your search results and customer satisfaction.

How Hyve Can Help

Hyve’s expertise is backed by hundreds of successful migrations that we have completed for businesses of all sizes. We can carry out migrations around the clock, ensuring minimal disruption to websites and applications. 

  • Assisted migration – where we oversee a simple migration process and help with any issues.
  • Full migration – we manage large-scale migrations and provide a full migration strategy.

Here is an outline of a basic website migration process from start to finish:

  1. Deploy the server(s) based on the customers’ requirements.
  2. Install required applications/components/modules to the server(s).
  3. Gain access to source server(s) to copy the current web site files and import the database(s) to the Hyve server(s).
  4. If no access to source servers, then get the backup of current website files and database dump from customer and copy them to Hyve server(s).
  5. Ensure that the copied site works from Hyve server(s). Ask the customer to test all the functionalities of the sites from Hyve server(s).
  6. Put the site into maintenance mode and do the final migration of the web files and database(s) to the Hyve server(s). Change the database configuration in source server(s) to the Hyve server(s) (This will eliminate any data loss during the DNS propagation).
  7. Change the DNS record to the Hyve server IP address.
  8. Bring the site up from the Hyve server(s).
  9. Migration Completed.

Our support team is available 24/7/365 and we can migrate your data whenever your site has the lowest volume of traffic.

We put a full migration strategy in place that is staged to ensure that the live sites and applications have priority, and make sure the migration process runs smoothly. In the case of a migration error, our roll-back capabilities would ensure that the business would be able to return to a point pre-error.

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Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.