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Cloud Servers

Power and flexibility on demand

Cloud Servers

Whether you are a global enterprise, a public sector body or a startup business, we offer a bespoke approach to cloud hosting, providing enterprise and private cloud servers to suit your exact requirements.

Public Cloud Hyve

Enterprise-grade hardware

We know that business hosting demands the highest hardware specifications. That’s why we are proud to partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to build the backbone of our cloud servers.

Server Types

HPE Blade Servers

The heart of our cloud servers is powered by HPE BladeSystem technology. These purpose-built, scalable cloud servers deliver immense processing power with a much smaller footprint than traditional servers and have high availability built-in. With a reduction in space, power and cooling requirements, you benefit from considerable cost savings, whilst never compromising on raw performance.

Server Types

3PAR Array Storage

We continually invest in industry-leading, next-generation storage technology. Our HPE 3PAR arrays provide the fastest possible I/O and come with the added functionality of Adaptive Storage Optimisation. This means that we can deploy a combination of SSD, Fast Class, and Nearline SAS disks to provide your business with uncompromising performance, without the premium price tag of other SAN technology.

The virtualisation layer

When our powerful infrastructure is coupled with industry-leading virtualisation software from VMware, it allows us to deliver a 100% network uptime SLA; guaranteeing you peace of mind that your online business is always available with zero downtime.

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Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud runs on hardware dedicated to your organisation. No shared resources mean that you have the ultimate in security.

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Managed Cloud

Enterprise Cloud is a multi-tenanted cloud, providing the ease of scale and cost savings of a Public Cloud infrastructure, but with added security and monitoring.

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Features of VMware

VMware HA is a powerful feature providing high availability to all servers on the Hyve cloud. In the event of a physical server or operating system failure, VMware HA automatically reboots the affected virtual machines onto other production servers with spare capacity.

VMware vMotion enables the live migration of running virtual machines between physical servers with zero downtime, continuous service availability, and complete transaction integrity.

VMware DRS (Distributed Resources Scheduler) continuously monitors resource utilisation across VMware hosting servers and intelligently allocates available resources among VMware virtual machines according to business needs.

VMware DPM (Distributed Power Management) continuously optimises power consumption in the data centre by powering down and up hosts based on power requirements. This allows us to reduce outgoings and pass these savings onto our clients. A system running DPM is also better for the environment.

As a VMware partner, we have access to the highest quality training along with VMware software such as vCloud Director.

Our VMware enterprise plus licensing allows us to offer up to 40CPU cores and 256GB RAM per cloud server. This can be upgraded to 88 cores and 2 TB of RAM at an additional cost.

Why host with hyve


Global presence

When choosing where to host your data, it is important to consider where your end-user is located. The shorter the journey to the data centre, the better the performance will be. With 35 global locations to choose from you can ensure you close proximity to your customers, guaranteeing low latency.


Anti DDoS

Security is the backbone of our business. Therefore, to protect your business against malicious attacks, have an extensive suite of security features available. We include 1GB of DDoS protection with every plan, at no additional cost. Many hosting providers will charge for this service.


20-minute hardware SLA

Whilst a lot of our competitors offer a 20-30 minute SLA, this is for the response times of requests. If you select our recommended HPE BladeSystem servers, we can guarantee any faulty hardware will be identified, resolved and fixed within 20 minutes.


100% network uptime SLA

Our infrastructure is built with a No Single Point Of Failure architecture. These multiple redundancies deliver us the certainty that our network connectivity will never go down.

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Resilient power & cooling

Our data centres all offer multiple layers of redundancy for power and cooling, from a minimum of N+1 at some sites, right through to N+N at others. Power is fed diversely from separate national grids with UPS and on-site generators available to take over where necessary, ensuring no drop in service.



Extra-mile support

Our US-based support team are here to support your machine and make complex hosting simple. We got rid of tiered support, so when you call, you get straight through to your dedicated technical support engineer who will be ready to help you immediately.

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