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We know that recreating the quality of an in-store experience, in an online environment, can be challenging. That’s why our cloud experts work with retailers and eCommerce agencies to help them deliver seamless experiences across the end-to-end shopper journey. We can help with everything from migrations and scaling, to maximising performance and security, so you can focus on creating an enhanced experience that delights your customers.


Our eCommerce clients

Find out how we helped Remarkable commerce optimise their database queries to improve backend performance, allowing them to serve more online customers. Key results include facilitating a double revenue day for one of their clients on Black Friday, with no server downtime or drop in performance. 



Why eCommerce companies use Hyve’s cloud

Hyve’s platform is known for its server uptime and high performance, which is vital for eCommerce businesses. Our platform is suited to high-intensity CMS’s such as Sitecore, Magento and Shopify that often have high CPU and memory usage. We also provide the best server uptime thanks to our no single point of failure platform design, which ensures a 99.999% uptime guarantee. 


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I've been working with HYVE for over 2 years now and they provide a great service in supporting our client websites. The servers are very robust; if we do need any support, they are prompt to resolve ...

GCI Network Solutions

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I have used Hyve managed hosting for more than 5 years and would recommend their services to anyone looking for a managed hosting partner.


Cloud built for eCommerce

We have been providing specialist hosting solutions for our eCommerce partners for over 20 years and know the sector inside out. Our team of experts work behind the scenes, helping you plan, migrate and manage your required solution so that you can focus on driving unique end-to-end customer experiences, higher revenues, and greater loyalty, rather than managing complex servers.


Migration made easy

We understand that ensuring a migration doesn’t disrupt your online presence can be nerve-wracking, especially when your revenue depends on your site being available for transactions. That’s why we make it simple. We can offer migrations out-of-hours or whenever sites have the lowest volume of traffic. We also put a full, staged migration strategy in place, to ensure that the live sites and applications take priority.


How your eCommerce business can benefit from Hyve’s cloud:

  • UK-based support team available 24/7
  • Best-in-class technology and performance  
  • ISO27001-certified cloud services
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery experts
  • Fully bespoke and flexible solutions for your business
  • Maximum flexibility and the best price/performance ratio
  • Dedicated features to secure your platform
  • Cost-effective, scalable technology
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All the benefits of cloud technology, with the increased security and control of dedicated hardware.

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Eliminate the expense of maintaining your own infrastructure, while retaining complete control of your servers.

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How our Hyve Germany headquarters supports customers

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