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Bare Metal Servers

High-powered, fully customisable servers

Enjoy fully customisable, high-performance servers that are dedicated to your organisation. Configure your server to meet your specific requirements, with 24/7/365 support from our cloud experts.

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What is a bare metal server?

Bare metal servers are physical, single-tenant servers that are dedicated to individual customers. They are fully customisable and give users the flexibility to run the server as they require. Bare metal servers can support multiple operating systems as well as hypervisors if required.


Who should use a bare metal server?

Bare metal dedicated servers are suitable for a breadth of industries, across wide range of use cases, from web hosting to databases. Typically, applications that require large amounts of memory, high core counts and high bandwidth are well suited to bare metal solutions. Use cases include:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • High-performance and data-intensive applications
  • Big data analytics
  • Container-based solutions
  • GPU-intensive solutions

Custom-configured to your exact requirements

Bare metal servers can be in preconfigured form or custom-configured to exact specifications for resources such as CPU and RAM. Our team of experts will consult, design and build your perfect bare metal server to meet the exact needs of your workloads.


Servers built for speed

We understand how important it is for your bare metal server to have consistently high, unparalleled performance. By eliminating the need for a hypervisor layer, bare metal servers can guarantee a level of performance and uptime that shared resources and public cloud solutions simply can’t compete with.


Running containers on bare metal

Bare metal servers are used with container technology, as they bring another level of performance capability. Users can run containers such as Docker and Kubernetes on top of bare metal servers to provide alternatives to VMs. As containers use less memory and save resources, they are perfect for developing applications.


Select your bare metal server

All bare metal servers can be customised to your requirements

Standard bare metal server

  • HPE BladeSystem Blade Servers
  • 128GB RAM
  • 2x 12 Core 3.50GHz CPU
  • 2x 800GB SSD
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Advanced bare metal server

  • HPE BladeSystem Blade Servers
  • 256GB RAM
  • 2x 22 Core 3.60GHz CPU
  • 2x 1.6TB SSD
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Premium bare metal server

  • HPE BladeSystem Blade Servers
  • 512GB RAM
  • 2x 22 Core 3.60GHz CPU
  • 2x 3.84TB SSD
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These packages are available globally

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Looking for a custom server built to your exact requirements?

Your custom bare metal server

  • HPE BladeSystem Blade Servers
  • 10TB

Benefits of Hyve’s bare metal solution


Dedicated resources

Isolated hardware solely for you means you’ll never need to worry about ‘noisy neighbours’ using up the resource pool.


Multi-site options

Our global reach in multiple countries provides you with endless options for scaling your business or reducing latency to your end-users.


Performance optimisation

Deal with heavy workloads and get optimal performance with integrated load balancers that share data and traffic around your infrastructure.


Fixed monthly billing

Prevent any unwelcome surprises in your monthly bill with our fixed billing model, allowing you to keep track of spending and forecast budgets.


Dedicated expert support

Our technical team are on hand 24/7/365 to support you and your projects. Regardless of what time zone you are in, we’re here to help.


Superior security

For those dealing with sensitive data, dedicated resources provide additional peace of mind by ensuring nothing is shared.

Lean on our bare metal experts

Our experts can help you to overcome unique challenges around your cloud infrastructure, leading to improved levels of service and reduced costs. With powerful computing infrastructure and expert management, we help to increase productivity, drive innovation and ultimately grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to a dedicated server, a bare metal server is a physical server that is dedicated to a single tenant or user. With a bare metal server, the user or organisation can optimise or configure the server in line with their specific requirements.

Also referred to as a single-tenant server, bare metal is a computer system without a base operating system, applications or database. It is effectively an ‘empty’ server ready to be optimised in line with a user’s needs.

Cost: Bare metal servers provide users with an extremely flexible financial solution to IT operations. In short, you only have to pay for what you use.

Security: Bare metal servers will allow you to pursue improved application and data performance whilst maintaining the highest level of security possible as the functions of the server are not shared with anyone else.

Dedicated resources: Similar to that of a dedicated server, a bare metal server offers the user the advantage of having a dedicated resource, meaning there is no sharing of storage, connection or bandwidth. An environment that is fully isolated is extremely beneficial for businesses that hold personal data and require the running of constant resources.

Whilst the two are extremely similar in principle, bare metal and dedicated servers do differ on several core elements. Although they are both single-tenant solutions, the main difference between the two is in the automation of the bare metal server. For a bare metal server to operate, there is no need for a virtualisation layer, whereas a dedicated server will require one to operate.

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