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21 March 2018
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Microsoft had a big announcement to make yesterday.

Devs and SysAdmins everywhere rejoiced (probably) as details of the latest version of Windows Server were released. Windows Server 2019 (cleverly named, Microsoft) is due for launch later this year, bringing plenty of new features with it.

Virtualisation and cloud are playing a key part in the new server refresh. In fact, if you’re part of the Windows Insider club, you can get a sneak preview now and have a little play around.

So, what’s new?

  • Easily connects with Microsoft Azure
  • Users can integrate Azure backup, file sync and DR
  • New security features – shielded VMs for protecting Linux applications
  • Support for ‘Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection’ security product
  • Bringing container technologies from semi-annual release channels to long-term release channel
  • Ability to run Linux containers on Windows
  • Can run Bash scripts on Windows
  • Offering more container orchestration devices, including Kubernetes support (will first come to the semi-annual channel though)
  • Project Honolulu (graphical management tool for WS) will be generally available

With Windows Server 2019 users can opt for the semi-annual channel that features two releases per year – perfect for teams that want faster access to new features. Microsoft do recommend the long-term release channel option for infrastructure scenarios like SQL Server or SharePoint though. WS 2019 also gives customers five years mainstream support and an extra five of extended support.

To put a dampener on all the excitement, Microsoft has mentioned price hikes for the new server licensing. “It is highly likely we will increase pricing for Windows Server Client Access Licensing (CAL). We will provide more details when available”.

That’s all that Microsoft are saying at the moment, but maybe the price increase is an attempt to get people to move over to Azure?

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