Windows 10 Cisco VPN fix

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13 August 2015

When Windows 10 launched a few weeks ago, our testing team spent several days testing and learning about the new OS. The main issue that arose was that Windows 10 is incompatible with a Cisco VPN.

Our team have found a couple of fixes for users to try on their own machines. Windows or Cisco may launch official updates of fixes, but our fix ensures that our clients can upgrade to Windows 10, whilst ensuring that they are being secure.

There may be more issues in the Windows 10 upgrade, but we are still continuing to test the OS.

On Windows 8/8.1
1) Uninstall Cisco VPN and any other VPNs

Upgrade to Windows 10
2) Install SonicWall

3) Install Cisco VPN

4) Extract all files
5) Install vpnclient_setup.msi
6) Try to connect (may fail)

If error appears:

7) Click Start, search for Regedit.exe
8) Find and Edit –

9) Change
@oem8.inf,%CVirtA_Desc%Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows
Cisco Systems VPN Adapter for 64-bit Windows

10) Save

VPN should now connect

We noticed an issue with Outlook not sending emails, although receiving was OK. We think this is due to Win10 upgrade itself and not related to Cisco VPN.

To fix:

1) Click Start, search for cmd
2) Right-click, Run as Administrator
3) Run following:
sfc /scannow
4) Wait until completed
5) Restart machine.

Outlook should now send emails.

Hyve clients can raise a support ticket via the MyHyve portal if they require any assistance with their VPN or Windows 10.

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