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9 October 2020


Coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re giving an insight into the team and what it is like to work at Hyve HQ.

We ran a poll internally and asked the team what the best thing about working at Hyve was. The answers were unanimous – Hyve’s culture.

Employee motivation
One of the most instrumental parts of Hyve’s culture is the open, nurturing, work environment that has been created.  A happy and healthy work environment is not only beneficial for employees but good for business too.

Working in small teams has a massive impact on the way that we work at Hyve. Our teams and departments communicate with each other and are always willing to listen to each other’s ideas. This environment encourages innovation, as we all make suggestions on how to improve the business.

All Hyve employees are recognised for their accomplishments and hard work. Every department is appreciated for the role that they play in driving the company’s success and everyone feels valued.

Hyve Culture
Work hard play hard is a cliché, but we do.

It’s important to strike a healthy work/life balance, and at Hyve we work hard to make sure this is achievable. All employees are offered flexible working hours; ensuring people can prioritise certain activities if they have childcare responsibilities or want to exercise in the morning before work.

Exercise plays an incredibly important role and is key for keeping our minds and bodies healthy. All employees are encouraged to stay healthy at work with our Thursday office yoga class, playing in a local football league, and our bike to work scheme.

All employees also have a stand-up desk, meaning that energy and concentration levels are increased. By focusing on keeping employees healthy and happy we find that everyone’s moods are lifted and productivity is at its peak.

Departments and teams also often spend time together outside of working hours, whether that is going out for dinner, film nights or attending local Brighton events and festivals. It’s a great place to work.

Would you like to work at Hyve?  We’re always open to new talent! Take a look at our careers page to find out more information about the roles and how to apply. 

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