BtoBet - Case Study

30% increase in loading speeds on Hyve's platform

BtoBet is a full technological partner that provides an award-winning platform for the iGaming industry. The industry’s most advanced platform provides a customisable front-end and admin panel for gaming and sports, for both online and retail channels.

Based on Artificial Intelligence technology, BtoBet’s platform requires scalable, high performance hosting to ensure that the platform is always accessible. In such a fast-paced industry with live streaming and virtual products, server speed and performance are key.

Before hosting with Hyve, BtoBet used two hosting providers, one based in Malta and the other in the UK. They had a lot of issues with site performance and loading speeds, which is why they started to look for a new service provider. They needed a provider who could offer a reliable platform with the potential to accommodate the business’s future growth.

Hyve has provided BtoBet with a high-performance hosting platform which provides their customers with constant access to their iGaming platform. Working to tight deadlines, the team at Hyve worked with BtoBet to not only get the best from their platform but also to save money on their hosting costs.

BtoBet noticed vast improvements in their client’s front-end speed after moving to Hyve, noting a 30% increase in loading speeds. This significant increase in speed is thanks to Hyve’s HPE BladeSystems and HPE 3PAR tiered storage arrays.

Now using Hyve as their sole hosting provider to power their platform, the infrastructure and management of the platform is managed by Hyve so that BtoBet can focus on the growth of their platform.

“I’m so happy because I know that they can guarantee the service. I fully rely on Hyve and I trust that our relationship will be long” –  Kostandina Zafirovska, CEO at BtoBet.

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