Why host your website in the US?

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11 June 2019

Managed hosting in the US

The US is one of the largest consumer and financial markets in the world. Web hosting has a large market share with many “$ hosts” who dominate the market, but offer low cost hosting services that are often criticized for their uptime and customer service.

Hyve offers managed Private Cloud, Enterprise Cloud and Colocation in multiple US States. We saw a gap in the market for a reliable, managed hosting provider who could provide expert, direct to engineer technical support 24/7/365.

Why host in the US?

Proximity to user base
When choosing where to host your data, it is important to consider where your user base is located. Having your data hosted as close to your user base as possible will improve connectivity, latency and user experience.

Websites that are slow at loading or have frequent outages can be damaging for a company that sells products or services online. Many UK based businesses are likely to have a presence in the US, especially e-commerce websites. Hyve’s expansion to the US means that you can now host your data closer to your US database, whilst still dealing with the same trusted provider.

Cross-country Disaster Recovery
Hyve offers cross-country Disaster Recovery (DR), where we are able to replicate and synchronize your entire system architecture, data storage, and applications into a secondary certified and compliant cloud data centre in a different country.

Having cross-country DR in the US would ensure 100% uptime in the event of an extreme disaster in the UK.

The US is well connected to several locations thanks to subsea cable connections and interconnection to other global markets. Hosting data in the US provides great connectivity for sharing data with the rest of the world.

Telxius, Microsoft and Facebook have partnered together to build transatlantic submarine cables with the highest capacity to date. The cable joins Sopelana, Spain and Virginia, US, and can transport 160 terabytes per second. These two points are key connectivity points with the US, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

MAREA can transport large amounts of traffic and is a very valuable asset for diversifying connectivity through the Atlantic. With more and more content being consumed, a great deal of bandwidth is required. It is therefore essential to be connected to infrastructure capable of transporting large volumes of data.

There are also other initiatives in progress to connect the US to other continents.

Cybersecurity laws
The US has a long-standing commitment to fighting cybercrime and protecting US cyberspace. With several documents in place, such as the ‘National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace’ and the ‘National Strategy for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets’ you can rest assured that data hosted in the US will be protected at the highest standard from cyber attacks.

If you are looking for Managed Cloud hosting or Colocation in the US, get in touch with our sales team today on 0800 640 5457.

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