Where’s the diversity in tech?

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
10 April 2018

If you haven’t read Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey yet, then you definitely should. They carry out an annual overview of the developer community around the world; discussing how developers learn, build their careers and the tools that they use in their jobs.

From the research we noticed a big trend – virtually all of the respondents were young (49%), white (74%), straight (93%), males (92%). We’ve written a whitepaper about diversity in tech, using some of the statistics from the survey.


“When asked about job priorities in the survey, men, women and non-binary groups had very different priorities when it came to looking for a job. The highest priorities for men were benefits (19%), professional development (15%), technologies used (17%) and office environment (13%). The report showed that the diversity of the company was their lowest priority. For women and non-binary respondents, the office environment and company culture were the highest priorities (17% and 19%).”


So, how can underrepresented groups crack the industry if the people working in it don’t prioritise them? It’s a big thing for Hyve, especially in an industry like ours, that’s known for being so inclusive.

Read the full whitepaper – What does a developer look like in 2018?

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