#WhatTheTech 17

Written by:
Amelia Craig
Date Posted:
23 August 2019

We’ve handpicked some tech/security-related news stories from the past week, in case you missed them.

Robocafe: Coming soon
Dubai is set to open the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) café in the world.

The café will be named Robocafe, and will be run by robots. They will do everything from taking orders, to pouring drinks and serving food. The robots are also trained to perform shows for customer entertainment throughout the day. Robocafe robots will have the capacity to serve up to 60 customers at a time. The project, dubbed as the Centennial 2071, is being carried out in a bid to make Dubai the world’s AI hub. 

“The whole cafe will be fully autonomous. Customers can place their order through a tablet at the entrance, and leave it to the robot arms to serve your brew. In addition to serving coffee, they’re touted to perform musical and light shows too.”  

The café is set to open in late August 2019. 

MoviePass fail
MoviePass, the theatre subscription company still trying to stay in business, has left thousands of personal and sensitive data exposed on an online database for anyone to find.

According to TechCrunch, the data includes MoviePass debit card numbers, personal credit card numbers, expiration dates, billing addresses and cardholder names. In some cases, the data exposed was enough for fraudulent credit card purchases to be made.

Fortunately, this information has not been collected by a malicious third party, however, the findings about the state of MoviePass’s security is a deeply troubling issue. The level of ignorance by MoviePass has put thousands of customers at risk of fraud and identity theft.

MoviePass has refused to comment on the situation, but the database has now been taken down.

An e-scooter that can charge itself!
Segway-Ninebot, the Chinese e-scooter giant, has built a scooter that can drive itself to a charging station.

The Kickstarter T-60 has three wheels and uses Artificial Intelligence and remote cloud capabilities to guide itself without a human rider. This new development in e-scooters offers the perfect solution for all those dockless electric scooters that need to be gathered up every night for charging!  

Ninebot has claimed that Uber and Lyft have both expressed interest in the new scooter. However, a spokesperson for Lyft has said although they are always interested to see the latest innovations from potential partners such as Ninebot, they are yet to make any commitments.

The Kickstarter T-60 is estimated to sell at approximately $1,420 and is scheduled to enter the market early next year.

YouTube: is robot fighting animal cruelty?
Google loves AI so much that it rebranded its Google Research division as Google AI. So it should come as no surprise that it has begun to side with the robots!

On the 19th of August, YouTube took down videos of robots fighting, saying they violated policies against showing displays of animal cruelty.

One of the videos YouTube requested to be taken down was posted by Jamison Go, who competed in last season’s BattleBots. Jamison Go took to Facebook to express his dissatisfaction with the request, saying ‘Today is a sad day.’ He argues that robot builders across the world are being wrongly penalised as YouTube’s AI algorithm has mistakenly identified robot fighting videos as animal cruelty. He believes that robot fighting is a sport, and others who have been impacted should do their part to save the sport.

Following this, YouTube confirmed that the videos were removed in error and that it has no policies prohibiting robots fighting, or at least not yet!

The videos have since been put back up.

We’ll be back next week with more tech news!

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