What’s new, Google?

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
10 May 2018
New Tech

Google kicked off their annual developer conference this week with all the usual product and software updates.

Here’s what to expect from Google in the near future:

Many voices
There’s now going to be 6 new voices with Google Assistant. Including US crooner John Legend, oddly.

Google is using technology called WaveNet to try and make voices more realistic. They want to perfect languages and accents, and by the end of 2018 will support 30 languages worldwide. Have you seen this sweet, Italian Nonna speaking to Goo Goo?

Talk, Talk, Talk
Google is also going to start using data from natural conversations to mine even more of your personal data in order to sell to advertisers improve quality, and the Google Assistant will start to be able to understand multiple commands at once.

Google News
Google wants to focus on ‘quality journalism’. So in the revamped news section there’ll be a briefing section with 5 top stories and local news highlighted. It’ll also learn your preferences as you use the app, and will feature Newscasts (like Instagram Stories). Google will also help users understand the full details of a story from a variety of sources and formats (craps on the Daily Fail anyway), with useful background information, timelines of related events etc

Google Duplex is an AI that mimics humans. It’ll involve text to speech development, deep learning, and AI. It looks like Google Assistant can be a real assistant too, and book restaurants for you and stuff. Gathering yet more information then, Google. Here’s a real back and forth phone conversation that Google Assistant had (work in progress).

Android P
The first wave has been released to developers already, and should roll out soon to users. Google have partnered with DeepMind to create ‘Adaptive Battery’. The tech uses machine learning to determine which apps you frequently use.  It then restricts background processes for apps that you don’t use as often, to save battery life.

There’s another feature called ‘App Actions’ that predicts actions based on your usage patterns. This can help you get to your next task quickly, based on actions that you regularly make. There’s also a new dashboard that shows how long you’ve spent on your phone, which apps you use and for how long. There are controls that can limit all that late night Instagram stalking too.

There’ll be more updates as the conf continues. What do you think about the updates? Let us know in the comments.

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