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20 March 2018

The Information Commissioner is set to request a warrant to search the offices of the now infamous political manipulation outfit, Cambridge Analytica.

UPDATE: Nix has now been Nixxed and suspended whilst all this is investigated.

As everyone knows now, the company stands accused of nicking the data of 50 million Facebook users and using it to influence Trump getting elected. So, clearly, they are well evil, innit.

Executives from the soon-to-be disgraced organisation have been filmed by Channel 4 news admitting they could use entrapment and bribery to make opposition politicians too unelectable.

Of course, the company says they’ve done nothing wrong. But, we reckon they probably have.

Facebook remain silent
Zuck has been mute about the whole thing. An unnamed source said they might have seen him with his head in a sand pit, his fingers in his ears shouting “La la la la I can’t hear you”. But then again, that could be a lie. What isn’t a lie is that Cambridge Analytica was suspended from Facebook partnership last week.

On Monday, good old Channel 4 News shared undercover footage they nabbed of Alexander Nix, the company’s Chief Executive dropping himself in really deep trouble.

Deep trouble
He fessed up that they could target an individual by “offering them a deal that’s too good to be true and make sure that’s video recorded.” He dribbled on and on, excitedly, boasting he could “send some girls round to the candidate’s house…”

He embellished this by adding that he thought Ukranian girls "are very beautiful." Stupidly, he went on "I’m just giving you examples of what can be done and what has been done."

Channel 4 sneakily pretended they were a fixer for a rich client who wanted to get elected in Sri Lanka.

Obviously, Cambridge Analytica are trying to deny any wrong doing. Ironically, Mr Nix told the BBC’s Newsight programme that he felt he had been “deliberately entrapped.”


Access required
Elizabeth Denham, the UK Information Commissioner is investigating them and demanded access to their databases and servers. But, the ICO doesn’t have very sharp teeth. So, she’s essentially had to tell the world that she’s going to court to get a warrant to seize their servers. Which gives Cambridge Analytica more than enough warning to delete anything that could get them into trouble.

What should you do if you are worried about your data on Facebook?

Delete your account. Sure, this is the highest profile breach of security in some time, but there will be others. If you don’t want your data shared, leaked or hacked, delete your account and request your data is deleted too.

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