What is ‘extra mile’ support?

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6 August 2014

At Hyve we have an ‘extra mile’ support culture. It means that we do just that – we go the extra mile to support our clients with their sites and applications.

As a fully managed hosting provider, we provide expert support and guidance to our clients. Some cloud hosts offer off-the-shelf cloud platforms – the no frills approach. This is ideal if you have an IT team who can manage everything for your business, but not if your company requires a management layer for migration, set up, performance tuning and ongoing technical support.

All of our support staff are UK based and well-versed in specific, highly technical areas. We’re at the end of the phone 24/7/365. You’ll even have a dedicated Technical Account Manager and team of support engineers that will work with you on your account. We like to feel that we become an extension of your business by knowing your systems and applications inside out.


In terms of support queries, we run a web-based ticketing system and telephone support. Our ticketing system ensures that we have a fast and responsive way to respond to support requests. We also have a public knowledge base where you can search for answers to common support queries yourselves.

Our response times will generally depend on the issue in hand. A priority 1 request is answered within 20 mins, though in reality troubleshooting begins at first instance. A priority 1 is a business critical issue, such as a website down.

A priority 2 request is answered within an hour, though we aim to answer all prior 2 requests faster than this time allowance. This issue would be to do with a live site, application, database or mail solution.

A priority 3 request is answered within 24 hours, though a majority of these requests are answered within the hour (UK business hours). This is used for general support requests and development advice, such as configuration or administration of services, applications, database or websites.

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