What are the main benefits of cloud computing?

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25 June 2014

Why move to the cloud? What benefits does it has over traditional dedicated servers?

Cloud computing has numerous benefits. The cloud is ‘on demand’, so you can set up and upgrade instantly rather than having to purchase additional resources and installing them yourselves. The cloud has no upfront costs, so you pay (usually) a monthly fee to your service provider to lease your server. This can be particularly effective for businesses who don’t have the capital to spend lots of money on expensive hardware.

Super fast
Some cloud platforms are known for their performance speed. Virtualisation software and purpose-built cloud hardware is used to host servers in the cloud. Hyve use external storage arrays, which enable the cutting edge disk technology to deal with high traffic websites and applications. You can access the cloud from anywhere, meaning that for businesses it can be an effective means of colleagues working whilst travelling or remotely.

Got power?
One of the major downsides of traditional dedicated servers is that if there is a power failure, system or disk failure, bugs in the system etc there is a risk that your entire system will go down or you may lose data. Whereas with the cloud, most hosts ensure server availability. Hyve offer a no single point of failure platform design, which is vital for high-transaction, missions-critical businesses.

Keep it secure
The cloud is also very secure. Most hosts offer the latest security software and firewalls, ensuring a safe online environment for your business. With hacking attempts being more prevalent in the IT industry, some hosts go a step further by offering further security benefits for your business such as DDoS protection and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). DDoS defence and IPS devices offer systematic scanning of your servers to ensure that you business is not being hacked or compromised.

By having a service provider that maintains your cloud platform, there is also an additional level of security in that the staff will be well versed in the latest security breaches.

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