Virgin Media piracy fail

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
9 February 2018

Virgin Media damage control

Damage control
Last week Virgin Media had to do some damage control after pirated software popped up on a screen in one of their stores in Ireland. A TV that was advertising their ‘Full House’ TV bundle. Clever move, VM.

A beady-eyed member of the public spotted the pop up as they walked past, so took a photo (obviously) and shared it online. They spotted a Terrarium TV pop up, the Android based service that’s used by naughty people to stream TV and films. Definitely something that Virgin Media wouldn’t advocate.

Big players
Virgin Media are known for pushing Netflix and Amazon subscriptions with the TV packages that they offer, so seeing a pirated streaming service in use is a little surprising. Especially when they’re probably getting a cut from the big players somewhere along the line.

Warning messages
Last year Virgin Media, along with 3 other UK ISPs, took their vengeance on customers that were suspected of piracy. They sent warning messages (because everyone takes notice of these) to give customers a good telling off, and to encourage them to adopt *good* services like Netflix and Spotify. Well, now they better send a scolding message to themselves.

Virgin Media’s retort to piracygate was:

“Virgin Media takes copyright very seriously and does not condone illegal streaming.

Our new Tallaght Store is due to officially open later this month and currently does not currently have Virgin Media network connectivity.

Over the weekend, an advertising screen display in this Store was being set up by a contractor. The contractor took it on themselves to use their own 4G device to set up the screen, ahead of the store being connected to our fibre services this week.

At some stage, an unwanted pop-up appeared on the screen from an illegal streaming site. To be clear, this did not come in through our network.

Other than as outlined above, this occurrence has no connection whatsoever with Virgin Media. This is an entirely isolated matter and we are thoroughly investigating how it happened.”

Blame game
Blame it on the contractor then? Virgin Media staff should probably do some training and policing when it comes to acceptable use of equipment, too. As ever, stupid stuff happens and everybody forgets that people are the weakest link. Always.

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