Twitter pranksters crash phones

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
23 February 2018

Get ready for the text bomb

Text bomb
Earlier this week another iPhone bug crept up on us. Dubbed a ‘text bomb’, the bug is triggered simply by sending an offending word or message via iMessage.

The latest ‘text bomb’ is actually a simple character from an Indian language called Telugu. Yeah, we’ve never heard of it either. It started to circulate via iMessage and then pranksters thought they’d try their hand at Twitter. Who knew that a random letter could cause so much damage?

The character (not featured for obvious reasons) makes whatever app it’s viewed in to crash continuously. Annoying. People haven’t been able to use their Twitter apps due to frequent crashes. It’s also affected WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook and Gmail.

Tweet all about it 
We know how fast things spread on Twitter. Users have been inserting the offending character into their Twitter names and telling others to spread it around via tweets. In fact, your phone’s going to crash if anyone in your feed uses the character, even if you didn’t view the tweet.

Apple is aware of the issue and has patched in a recent update. Just think – Twitter trolls everywhere will be hella angry that they can’t spread their hate. Silver lining.

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