Three network experiences downtime 

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Lucie Sadler
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17 October 2019
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Mobile network, Three, has been experiencing technical difficulties today across their voice, text and data services

Technical difficulties 
Mobile network, Three, has been experiencing technical difficulties today across their voice, text and data services. A lot of customers have been left without phone signal or access to mobile data and vented their frustrations on social media about the lack of service.

Problems appear to have started on Wednesday night, according to the popular website status alert site, Down Detector. The problems seem to have affected Three customers across the UK, leaving many customers without signal or access to data. 

Time to say sorry 
Three apologised for the issues and said that they were working on a fix, hoping that services would soon return to normal. They also advised customers to turn their phones off and on or to turn aeroplane mode off and on to resolve the problem.

Three is the 4th most popular network provider in the UK, with approximately 10 million customers. ID Mobile, who also use Three’s infrastructure, have also experienced issues today. 

Intermittent services
In true 2019 social media style, Three took the opportunity to make a tongue-in-cheek joke with O2, asking on Twitter
“Oi, did you unplug our network so you could plug in your 5G? not cool guys”. Rival network O2 switched on its next-generation 5G in several cities this week. 

Some Three customers are still experiencing issues as the day goes on. It can take time for things to stabilise after such a large outage, which can often lead to intermittent service for a period of time. Many customers are already asking for compensation from the network provider, due to the length of downtime for their services. 

Time will only tell if Three will compensate customers for downtime – it is dependent on how long the issues last.

NB: This is a breaking news story, so updates may follow.

Are you a Three customer? Have the issues affected you? Let us know at @hyve!

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