January 17, 2020

Happy Monday. Each week we hand pick the most interesting tech/security related topics and send them to you. This week we’re talking about the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook debacle (should we all delete FB?), our Fail of the Week is travel company Orbitz fessing up to over 880,000 of their records being stolen, and there’s a sneak peak at Windows Server 2019. Exciting.¬†We post this kind of content on our social media several times a day, so follow us over on Twitter and Facebook.

Data thieves?

Zuck's in trouble. Cambridge Analytica are in deep trouble. And everyone wants to 'delete' Facebook.

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Type Here, Type Now

Multi-factor authentication is here. In the form of keyboard biometrics. Will it work? Looks promising.

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Stop Being Stupid EP3

Here's EP3 of our podcast series. This week's topic - stupid things that really clever people have said.

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The Windows Insider Club

Yay. Windows Server 2019 is being released later this year. Insiders can get a sneak peak now.

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Another Data Breach

The Fail of the Week goes to Orbitz. Over 880,000 of their customer's records were stolen. Oops.

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You Wear It Well

Wearable tech connects to networks. Networks can be hacked. Keep an eye on those security settings.

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