April 7, 2020

Happy Tuesday. Each week we hand pick the most interesting tech/security related topics and send them to you. This week we’re looking at spoofed QR codes,  Microsoft are telling us to watch our swearing on Skype, and our Fail of the Week is TalkTalk’s cross site scripting error. D’oh. We post this kind of content on our social media several times a day, so follow us over on Twitter and Facebook.

Too late to say sorry

Facebook messed up royally. Zuck's in trouble, so he said sorry via a full page spread in a newspaper.

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Mueller Fight

Spoofed QR codes on iPhones exist. 'Open in Safari' - prob taking you to a dodgy site...

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Stop Being Stupid EP4

Here's EP4 of our podcast series. This week's topic - stupid things people do with their phones.

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Microsoft bans $w£@r$

Microsoft say no more swears on Xbox, Skype or Office 365, or you'll get banned. $%@&!

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A scripting error was found on TalkTalk's site. Now they've fixed it. Hopefully saving face this time...

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Cryp(ling) Debt

US students use maintenance loan to buy cryptocurrency. And people say that students are lazy.

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