The year that cyber crime hit the headlines

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22 December 2015

2015 has been another year of large scale hacks, data breaches and cyber crime.

Security threats
We couldn’t even count the number of new clients that have signed up with us following a security threat with their previous host. Businesses are opening their eyes to cybercrime and realising that running their business in a shared environment isn’t a great idea.

The TalkTalk hack earlier this year was on such a wide scale that for the first time a lot of people’s friends, family and neighbours were affected. It caused panic and fear. The way in which it was reported really didn’t focus on informing people about cybersecurity, and in some ways made people trust the internet and technology less. It also made those of us who work in the industry question TalkTalk’s practices and security measures.

So rather than list all the hacks that hit the news this year (seriously, there are too many), we want to open a discussion about cyber security and online safety.

Cyber security
We’ve been advocates of the Cyber Security Alliance and promoting online safety a lot this year. Whilst we are primarily here to provide a hosting service, we are also part of a much wider community, and feel that we have a shared responsibility to inform everyone about the threat of cyber security.

In 2016 we’ll continue to promote online safety and make people aware of the latest threats via our blog and social media channels. We want to share our specialist knowledge. We have a team of security experts to provide advice and an honest interpretation of events, that our online team can then relay to the public. We all need to make the internet a safer place for everyone.

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