The Sparkly Forest

Written by:
Damian Jennings
Date Posted:
16 February 2018

Find out how Steve, the IT Manager, made the Sparkly Forest secure again in our offbeat fairy tale.

The Sparkly Forest
Steve, the IT Manager, was naughty. His secret part of the forest, called the Sparkly Forest, had been visited by The Naughty People. He was in trouble with the King and Queen of The Sparkly Forest where he worked very hard all day to keep The Naughty People out. His job was really just to keep The Naughty People out. He had made a big mistake. The King and Queen were very, very annoyed.

He went for a walk in the Deep Dark Forest to try and find how The Naughty People had got into the Sparkly Forest. Much to his surprise found 7 height-challenged creatures called the Hyve Security Experts.

The 7 Security Experts
They were:

Change Manager
Event Logger
Dr Malware

Keeping the forest safe
They all had different jobs to do. Encryptor made sure all the people in the Deep Dark Forest had disguises so no naughty people could recognise them.

Patcher kept all their forest systems up to date, which minimised the threat of the Naughty People. Naughty People sometimes found holes in the walls of the forest and tried to sneak in. Patcher kept patching the holes. He’d patch patch patch patch patch patch patch patch, he’d patch the whole day through.

Change Manager was a very friendly creature and he wrote down every time some hardware in the forest was altered. This was very handy if the King or Queen needed to see any time anything had changed. And they did, oh they did.

Event Logger was Change Manager’s Sister. She kept a note, in a very special book, of everything that happened in the forest. This evidence let the King and Queen know about any time the Naughty Boys tried to get into their part of the forest. They could then tell them off.

Protect us!
Defender was the biggest of the short people. He spent his days walking around the edge, or perimeter, of their part of the forest and would shout a very special shout if he was anyone who looked like they might be Naughty. Or even if he thought they were thinking a little bit about being Naughty.

Dr Malware was a friendly doctor who would keep her eyes out for any colds or sniffles (sometimes called Viruses) who would try and sneak in. If she saw any, she’d give their little noses a wipe, dose them up with some Calpol and sit them in front of Sarah And Duck until they felt better.

Finally Firewaller lived in the gate to their part of the forest and would stop anyone he didn’t recognise getting in. He’d shout out “Oi, mate! Are you having a bubble?” and close the door they were trying to get in. And then lock it. And then bolt it. They had no chance getting in.

Altogether, these 7 friends said they could help Steve keep his part of the forest safe from the Naughty People.

How many gold coins? 
Steve was a little concerned about how many gold coins he would have to give them to help him keep his part of the forest safe. The Hyve Security Experts said it would be much less than he thought and that they could work within his budget. Also, because they were based in the same part of the Sparkly Forest as he was, he could talk to them whenever he wanted which was really nice.

Steve was very happy. The King and Queen were very happy.

And his part of the forest was very, very secure and no naughty people ever got in again.

The End.

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