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13 March 2013

Site speed is now incorporated into Google’s search ranking criteria

As Google continues to monopolise the global marketplace, businesses are finding themselves increasingly bound by the Google search algorithm.  To be viewed favourably by Google, websites must follow specific search criteria which is often updated.

Site speed

In 2010 Google announced that site speed would also be incorporated into search ranking criteria, meaning that the responsiveness of servers would be considered alongside more traditional categories that determine a page’s importance. Google prefers faster websites, so a site’s content needs to be relevant but also high-performance.

Having highly responsive servers is integral to Hyve – we provide our clients with a high-speed cloud platform to run their website on, guaranteeing a fast and reliable service with a ‘no single point of failure’ design. We also benefit from this ourselves in terms of the speed of our own website for users and being positively ranked by Google.

Fibre channel disks
Our cloud platform has speed and performance at its core. Our cloud servers utilise fibre channel drive technology with ‘light-speed’ disk access, which enables our virtual servers to out-perform traditional dedicated servers. All cloud servers are powered by VMWare which is the leading server virtualisation software, and the fastest and most trusted platform for cloud computing.

Having adequate processing power is also vital to the speed of our cloud platform. Our CPU allocation is based on 100% of a full vCPU core and there is the option to scale to up to 8 vCPUs per server, which sets us apart from other cloud hosting providers in the UK.

Need faster servers for your website? Get in touch with our sales team today on 0800 612 2524. 

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