The Google 2015 I/O Conference

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2 June 2015

Google developer conferences always send waves of excitement amongst tech communities. With product updates and announcements, the keynote speeches last week were true to form with plenty to look forward to!

Android Pay
Android have taken inspiration from Apple Pay here with their mobile payment system. Replacing Google Wallet, it’s a simple way to pay for things using your mobile phone. It’s much bigger in the US but set to have a surge in UK shopping habits this year.

Android M
Android M is Google’s latest OS for Android phones. There are some notable changes to app permissions, fingerprint reader, and a ‘doze’ mode for power saving during periods of inactivity.

Now on Tap
Now on Tap is a new feature that will be useful for those on the go or in new places. By pressing the home button, user’s onscreen content will be used to search for further information on the internet or personal settings. It’s the ultimate lifestyle assistant!

The Internet of Things : Brillo and Weave
IoT is the next big thing. Google are of course at the forefront of this movement in technology! Brillo is the OS for IoT devices and Weave allows IoT devices to interact with each other.

The new Google Photo app backs up photos to a timeline and offers unlimited storage for free. The photos are then stored in a single place and accessible from any device.

Android Wear
Wearable tech has taken off in the last few years, and Android watches are seen as the more affordable version of Apple watches. There are upgrades to the Android Wear OS including the feature to flick your wrist to skip pages or see the next text message.

Offline maps
You can now search for locations and receive turn-by-turn directions without the need for internet.

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