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15 August 2018
Tech News

Here’s a round up of some of the best tech news from the last week you might have missed.

Water Cooled Phablet

Hoping everyone has forgotten about the whole Galaxy Note Exploding issue, Samsung has ploughed on with the release of the Note 9. It costs £1,099 for the 512GB model and needs water cooling. Yes, water cooling. 

Unarguably, Samsung created the phablet market with the launch of the original Galaxy Note. Whilst people laughed at the size of it when it hit the market, now almost every smartphone is bigger than the original. It’s 5.3” screen seems small compared to the new device’s 6.4” screen. 

Sharing almost identical design to last year’s Note 8, but managing to cram in a 4,000mAh non-removable battery is impressive. The only real other new toy is that the S-Pen supports Bluetooth LE for some of its functions. Namely as a remote for powerpoint or the camera. It’s had a slight CPU bump with a 10nm 8 core Snapdragon. 

Oh, and it has water cooling. Yes, water cooling.

It will hit the shops on the 24th of August. 

Fortnite Hits Android

In a shock move, Epic has decided to bypass the Google Play store with the upcoming release of smash cash cow Fortnite. The only reason for doing so is because they do not want to have to give Google a revenue share. On iOS, Epic is making $1.5m a day. 

However, this move is being shunned by security experts because it will leave users vulnerable to malware. 

In order to put an app on an Android device that is not on the Google Play store, users must dig deep into security settings and toggle a setting that allows side loading. 

Of course, this sets up users to run any malware laden package on the web. Already there are dozens of fake Fortnite APK files circulating online. And the game hasn’t even officially launched yet. 

Apple does not allow the side loading of apps, so this money-saving approach to bypassing the store would only work on Android. 

Despite Epic attempting to promote the fact the real APK is only available via, millions of kids wanting to play the game and just going to google Fortnite APK and install whatever they can find. This leaves them vulnerable to all kinds of malware and leaves their phone insecure. 

Apple making $5.3m per hour

No doubt helped in no small way by the revenue from Fortnite, Apple has again posted record revenues and has become the first trillion dollar company in the world. Revenues were up $53.3bn, up 17% year on year. Net income was $11.5bn, up 32% year on year. The real growth was, again, in services. Apple saw growth increase 37% to $9.5bn. CEO Tim Cook said: 

“Today we are proud to report best June quarter ever, thanks to strong growth in iPhone, services and wearables. It’s the strongest level of growth in our last 11 quarters.”

Well done.

Cruel Connected Fridge

I don’t pretend to know much about American Football, or hand egg as I prefer to call it. However, this story did tickle my fancy due to the inherently cruel nature of it. 

There’s a team called the Cleveland Browns. They’ve lost 17 out of the last 17 games they’ve played. 

Bud Light, known for their clever marketing stunts, have built custom made, internet connected beer fridges that will only open when the Browns manage to win a game. 

So, yes, it is quite likely they’ll never need to open. But, they will if the Browns ever win a game. The last time they did was back in December 2016. And for all we know that might have been a fluke. 

The fridges will be installed in bars around the Cleveland area and in the Brown’s own stadium. Sitting there, taunting fans with the promise of free beer if their team manage to win. Frankly, the beer may have gone off by the time the fridges ever open. But it is a cool, if cruel, stunt. 

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