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Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
24 April 2018

Ever wanted to mod your Nintendo Switch?

The Switch is the biggest selling console in the UK and US, but what annoys a lot of users is the OS and regulations on games. But now, thanks to an exploit, you might be able to make some sneaky modifications.

A vuln was recently found by the ReSwitched Project, who document Nintendo Switch hardware, software, and development. The vuln was found in Nvidia Tegra chips that are used in Switch devices. The vuln is a cold boot exploit, where you can inject code as the Switch boots up. It apparently works by forcing the Switch into USB recovery mode and then loading the exploit.

Fusée Gelée 
Dubbed a Fusée Gelée (frozen rocket), the vuln lets users run custom code on ROMs or to backup games to their own hard drive. The vuln would mean that users could take control of their gadget, put their own games onto the device and add firmware and code.

It seems like a turn of luck for people who want to mod their console, but privacy and security concerns are already arising. According to ReSwitched, the vuln can’t be patched without a major upheaval. Nor can older devices using Nvidia Tegra chips. So all current Nintendo Switch devices in circulation will be hackable. Full details of the vuln will hopefully be released by June 15 (unless someone else gets there first). ReSwitched have also notified Nvidia of the vuln.

The exploit can only happen with direct, physical access to the Switch. So no remote access concerns here at least. There’s still games privacy worries though, as I’m pretty sure Nintendo will only want users playing their games on the device…

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