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10 April 2019

Leave the complexity of database administration behind

What are databases?
Business applications need to handle a lot of complex data. Databases are used to store data records or files for rapid search and retrieval of information.

A database holds the data, whereas a Database Management System (DBMS) is the software that provides the functionality for users and programmers to read, create, update and delete data.

Managed databases
Many businesses are dependent on data, so it is crucial that they have a secure and reliable database server solution in place to safeguard this data. At Hyve, we offer several database solutions, all fully managed by us. Users connect to the database through a GUI or client and can then load data and integrate it with all of their applications.

DBMS’s host a lot of data and require a powerful and reliable cloud for it to run on. Both Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud and Private Cloud provide a reliable and scalable foundation for hosting a DBMS.

Here are some of the databases that Hyve support:

  • MySQL – MySQL is a relational database management system, meaning it uses a structure which allows you to identify and access data in relation to another piece of data. It is the most popular open source software for hosting data, used by millions of websites all around the world. MySQL is a stable and powerful HA database server solution and is globally renowned for its high levels of data security.
  • Couch DB – Couch DB is a NoSQL database. It is renowned for its high levels of security, as well as The Couch Replication Protocol. The protocol allows data to flow seamlessly between server clusters to mobile phones and web browsers. Couch DB also boasts an offline-first user experience, meaning that even during network downtime, stored data can still be accessed.
  • Mongo DB – MongoDB is a NoSQL database. For businesses that require a data model that can change and adapt, Mongo DB is a great database server solution. Mongo DB is also good for businesses that expect a high write load, and need High Availability (HA). Unlike traditional tables and rows used in rational databases, Mongo DB utilizes documents which are sets of key-value pairs.

We also offer managed hosting for Cassandra and MS SQL Server.

Why Hyve?
DBMS’s can be difficult to manage. Leave the complexity of database administration to us. We will set up, back up, update and maintain your database for you.

We offer a reliable, high availability cloud platform for database hosting. Our team has years of expertise in managing and performance tuning databases. We also offer clustering and replication for MySQL and SQL Server, for automatic failover of databases.

Our SLAs are industry leading, meaning we respond to priority 1 requests in as little as 20 minutes. Our support team is UK based and available 24/7/365.

To find out more about our database hosting, get in touch with our sales team today on 0800 612 2524.

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