Small Businesses Struggle With Security

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6 August 2018

Every year Kaspersky Lab run a survey. This year, from 3,031 respondents, they discovered that 66% of Very Small Businesses (under 50 employees) and Small to Medium Businesses (50-249 employees) are facing challenges around running a diverse IT infrastructure (such as Hybrid Cloud).

Skills Gap

Cloud Computing and Cloud Hosting are becoming increasingly more complex and a wholly revised approach to tacking the management of this new infrastructure is needed. However, 32% of VSBs and 14% of SMBs are in a position where they have to trust staff members who are not IT specialists to manage their IT security. Clearly, this presents a sizeable risk to sensitive corporate data as well as customer and credit card data. Should a breach occur, it would present a real risk in terms of financial penalty as well as popular opinion.

No Control

The new tools being embraced as part of this march towards digital transformation, initially appear to be aiding businesses, but they also present a large security risk if not managed properly. In the report, they state that 49% of VSBs and 64% of SMBs have “valuable client data” on employees mobile devices. If this were to leak, it could create serious repetitional damage as well as monetary loss from fines levied from GDPR and other legislation. Enterprise companies are usually have the resources and finds to deal with this type of issue, smaller companies could find themselves going out of business.

The Buck Stops…Where?

Respondents to the survey see cloud technology as an important aspect of digital transformation; allowing the businesses to enjoy cost savings and increase efficiencies. 50% of VSBs and 40% of SMBs have employees who often work outside the office and have a need to access data and applications via the cloud.

73% of SMBs and 56% of VSBs utilise a minimum of one cloud service. The popular areas are: email, document storage and software for collaboration. Small companies are uncertain of areas of responsibilities for these digital assets. 64% of VSBs are certain the vendor is responsible for the security of document exchange services, and 56% of SMBs agree with this.

Businesses have stated that choosing to work with a Managed Service Provider like Hyve is a decision made to reduce costs, mitigate risk via SLAs and outsource IT.

The survey states:

“Clearly, cloud platforms and services are an essential component of any modern business. They give organisations of all sizes the ability to scale and grow their operations without having to spend excessive amounts of money on infrastructure.”

To find out how Hyve Managed Hosting can help your organisation reduce costs and increase efficiencies whilst maintaining security thanks to our accreditation and certification, please get in touch today.

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