Show Me The Money

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
1 May 2018

The Facebook Lottery has paid out. And you’ve won $750,000! All you need to do is message your mate Zuck back with your delivery fee, and you’ll have the $ in your bank account.

Obviously, you’ll know that this is a scam. But a lot of unsuspecting Facebook users have been pwned in the latest ‘Facebook Lottery’ scam.

Sneaky fraudsters mocked up accounts of Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg, impersonating them and private messaging users. It’s apparently a scam that has also appeared on Instagram too, and hundreds of fake accounts have been found.

In order to receive the prize money, all you had to do was wire a ‘delivery fee’ to Facebook. Of course it all looked legit (read, not). Ashley Feinberg, who’s a Senior Reporter at the HuffPost, even received the scam message and posted the amusing screen grabs on Twitter.

A man from Minnesota also reportedly paid $1500 in the hope of receiving his winnings. D’oh. Then he made repeat payments. Double d’oh.

Facebook have been trying to control dark ads, fake accounts and issues that they’ve caused on the social platform. You really have to be cautious, and never part with any money or personal information on the site.

If Zuck’s career had hit such a low that he now had to personally message users on FB, I’m pretty sure that we’d all have more in-depth things to discuss with him other than ‘Show me the money, Mark.’

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